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On behalf of the Real Ascended Masters, I thank you for your Sacrifice.

All Donations go direct into the Higher Spiritualism Bank Account with Westpac – Australia in Launceston Tasmania.

The Donations are for the maintenance of the Websites the payments due the Builders and as we are taught by Count St Germain – “To serve the Masters where-ever needed the most – for no human endeavour may prosper without hard work, Sacrifice and financial support.”

We have a 99-year, IN PERPETUITY turnover Lease secured for a Ground Base on a multi zoned Residence at 50 Cecilia Street, St Helens, Tasmania 7216, Australia, located opposite the St Helens Library, one door up from the Post Office, rental of $300 AUD per week, fixed.  The location is ideal, the Property, originally a family Residence is also zoned commercial allowing a 9-meter-high office structure in the future.  Has a side drive way allowing parking at rear, privacy for the Members and visitors, entry via the rear and a large rear yard backing onto a land locked Parcel – absolute privacy.  Check it out on Google.

The plan is to locate a live in Administrator of the Websites and provide welcome to the Chapel, Library, Count St Germain’s SHRINE from his home Chapel in China, Meditation, Sacred objects a Cabinet for Mediums, Meeting room, Meditation and coffee and comfort.  A Centre of Spiritual Light.   

Donations will be accumulated to allow occupancy once the existing Tenant vacates.  Accordingly, the Web based Internet which allows access to some 500 videos of the 85 Immortals who gave their knowledge via 40 years of Rev. Keith Milton Rhinehart’s Adeptship, who remains the most scientifically tested, proven physical phenomena Medium the world has known.

Each Donor becomes a Member of the Spiritualism Australia Incorporated non- profit Entity which in turn owns the Lease, the Option, the contents of the Chapel and Library etc.

I am reminded of the accepted Church concept of Tithing dating back thru history prior medieval times.

Dedicated Officers of the Membership Corporation will protect your Sacrifice.

In service of the Real Ascended Masters and God’s plan for mankind, Higher Spiritualism is dawning, bringing a brighter and kindlier LIGHT to all.

Sri Sunkara Sankacharya         2021


    Your financial sacrifice is much appreciated in the eyes of God & Masters


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