© 2018 Rev. Dr. B. K. Lowndes


The Poet/Philosopher asked “The Tree of Knowledge” 18 Questions.        

“Were You There?" “And You Shall Be Healed.”
“Soul & Spirit Know the Truth.” “Will a ‘Faith’ save my Soul?”
“How did ‘It’ start?” “When does human Life commence?”
“Was there, is there Life on Mars” “Are we Alone?”
“Comment on the Environment.” “What about the Government?”
“About the Middle East – Take down the Wall” “Are there Immortal Beings, angels, a god?”
“Is Religion an Authority?” “Will a Saviour come.”
“The Law of Karma.” “Prophecy for hu-mankind?”
"Who am I ?" "I am Leaf"
"DISCLAIMER, Glossary, Other Free Publications, References." 

“ Were You There?"


Love flows in every word,

Truth now disclosed, Never heard.

Eternal Love, surround you now,

For this is your Grandest hour.


Be at peace be still,

Tune in to the infinite mighty Will;

And listen to the Silence clear.

Love in words you will Hear,

“It” all be said, as “It” is read.


Ask “If Man's authority lies to thee, what then?”

Allow crystal clear words to set thee Free;

Hark, Hear a Sound of Timelessness,

Truth's vibrant harmony does de-stress.


Ask to be the God in the making,

Sense a Planet shaking

Heed a Rhyme hold the word;

Now is the time, Hell’s absurd.


Ask the Truth suppressed, now expressed;

Love, Love, Love is not all you need.

Add Will and Intelligence to Love, to seed,

Your search for the Divine;

Soul’s call unsatisfied by hu-man-kind.

A Spiritual path will lead you Home;

All others lead to unholy Rome.


Ask - Did you go unto the Mountain?

Quench your thirst from the fountain?

Or were you mounted at the Sermon?

Are heathens, heretics and pagans truly Vermin?


Once a Great Soul in Mankind’s Ancestry,

Knowing Wisdom’s Tree, Asked “Ask”, for you and Me!

Came to a Veil, beyond which None could See,

A door that had No Key;

At the Beginnings, of Life’s wondrous Mystery.


Were you there?  Did you walk upon the Water;

Watch those led to Slaughter;

Be sacrifice upon their altar?

Ask not?  Did you Ask, the Question?

Not search; rely on faith, Follow, never Falter?


Do you deserve a mention?

And demonstrate good intention,

When you were there,

And YOU were there!


Vedas from “The Tree of Knowledge”,

Every Page gives one an Edge,

Spiritual Truths flow to you, in coming of Age,

With affection, “Turn the Page”.


Participant in this “Rite of Passage”;

Are Spiritually Growing, knowing,

Imbuing, absorbing to their Adage.


Truth like Water,

Ever percolates through,

The numerous Lies told to You!

For one, there be no Saviour!

Change your SELF to Right behaviour.


Are you there?


Can you recover,

From what Truth revealed, and does uncover?

You have so little Time.

We Beseech you to act upon the Rhyme!


If urging Progress on and on,

There will be No ground to Step upon.

Re-lease back the land.

So unjustly cruelly stolen;

By those with pockets swollen.


Share the wealth.

Protect your neighbour’s health.

Love one another.  You are your Brother.

Respect your Mother!  You are each other!

Nothing new, it is strictly up to you.


Were you There?


When men sailed from papal shore,

And Denied to all there could be more.

Now you look for life afar;

Again are told, don’t be bold.


Open your heart.  Do you see how history,

Clears vision’s eyes, for you to plainly see?

Can you see the Past?

Past, Present, Future beyond the mast?


Were you there four billion years before,

Upon another Shore?


Who Stole the Count, before Year One?

8 billion years of mankind's sun.

2000 years of recent Counting;

What Progress to today’s accounting?


For the horrors are amounting.

So few years;

So many fears.

Too many tears.


You were there;

You do remember past September.

And that is why you are here, because my Dear,

You were There!

There is no other reason, comes again your Season.


Seeing you are Here, you should truly Fear;

The consequences of a hu-man’s action,

When “Natural Law” dictates Reaction.


No world Leader is a Leader;

Politicians are less apt than you the Reader.

World Leaders, addicts of States pornographic wars,

Slaughter the innocent, Collateral activates the awesome Roar.


Be cautioned, do not Ignore as before;

Warnings set in Stone.

Little Knowledge Survived the Mass Burnings under Rome.

Here, hear the Truth to guide you Home.


You were There!


Religion & State Decree,

You are all you See.

The Majority question not Authority,

Common sense; Cosmic sense;

Seek alternative transparent Priority.


Did you activate the Brain,

Search the Universe in vain?

Find Simple Truths as now revealed?

From the Tomb no longer Sealed.  


Civilizations all Decay,

Once Science and Lawyers rule the day.

Politicians, priests pious face,

Direct the Children, look out to empty Space.

They declare you are the only Race.


Born again, forgotten men, they Deny,

The message in the sky,

On the ground, all around, under feet;

Beneath your Seat!


Do you remember when, you were Them?

When you stared Blindly into Space,

You, the Remainder of Another Race;

Yes!  And fled to a Safer place.


Physical man’s laws to Natural Law to be Subservient;

A Spiritual Hierarchy is observing it, your stint!


Another Line, another Time,

Life is Everywhere.

Do you care?

Will you still be there?


Ten trillion years before the Count,

Timeless Truth returns to sort “It” out.

Wisdom from the Higher Land;

Shining forth to all of man.


Maybe you sold out, for Material gain,

Again played the Mortal Game.

Probably followed, Created what’s his name,

And never learnt, Your Spirit’s Name.


What was ‘Your’ Name, from whence you came?

Did you, Forget, Again?

Accept the Label, from the cradle?

Think?  That, that is Who and what you Are;

And Forget, the distant Closing Star?


But how, by What means will you Survive?


Now you are Asleep, Alive,

Then, When so called Dead, you Leave the Grave,

You will Remember, what and How you gave.

Perhaps, be Born again, and again;

More than Likely you will be Back,

Now!  Get on track.


When Spirit raps Were Heard from within the Wall;

Proving someone there;

Did you join their Inquisition,

Or Defy.  Refuse to Crucify, use your Intuition?


Are you Death before the fall?

Will you ignore the Higher Call?


Countless times before, You landed on Eden’s shore,

Memory gently closed. You my friend were transposed.


Understandably, who really wants to know,

When round and round you go?

Gathering, reaping consequences you did Sow.

Eventually inevitably all do grow.


Clairvoyance to see all so clear,

Every human fooled, fueled by fear.

Time to remember “Thou Shall Not”.

Despite Admonishment, Feigning astonishment,

Mankind defiled the lot.


Ask this be your Chance.

Wake up!  Put down the Lance,

Bow down the head, naught to Dread;

Hark, listen to the Angels’ tread.


Earth’s Leaders swell in infamy.

People rise up against the Tyranny,

Consider how: hold back the Tax, hear the Facts.

Produce, produce, Consume;

Inevitably leads to Doom.


Gather round, Hear the Splendid Sound,

Of Spiritual Truth Profound.

You Were There; those that See, Read or Hear, You Do Care,

And of your innermost secret, “I AM” aware!


Away with a Cynical Imbecilic Systems Censure;

Let Freedom Sing, Welcoming, an ongoing Spiritual Adventure.

“Soul and Spirit know the Truth”.


Animals and Nature, are of Spirit, have a Soul;

Domestic Pets Loving Roll,

More Intelligent than Religion’s Role.

Allow not Religions your freedom to Control.

Are you there?  Ask your Self,

Ask your Soul;

Did you hear?

Have you heard the News denied you by the JNews?


The Spiritual Lasting You, knows there is no Death,

And that “There are No Dead”;

We’ll all be resurrected unto life;

Once past the surgeon’s knife;

Live now Free from internal Strife.


This be Soul’s Truth, no longer Seek;

Live by time tested Golden Rule,

Be mild and meek.

Serve neighbour, plant, creature, stone,


Make Heaven now on Earth, God’s Home.


Were you father, son or daughter,

When they led us to the slaughter?

When they nailed truth upon a cross;

Did you flounder at the loss?


Did you care, were you there, are you There?

Spirit worlds, many levels, some dense,

like your dimension, a physical Extension;


Higher Spiritual planes vibrating at a faster rate,

Have no need of gods and State, nor donation for the Plate.


Spirit that is “You” appears invisible,

Yet Nature’s Inner world be divisible;

Overlapping, interwoven matrix.

Silken threads that bind and tie;

Bound but Free, all await their Destiny.    


Spirit pass through Ether into Stone;

Becoming vegetable, animal and gnome.

Spirit from the Soul in me,

Looking through eyes that see.


To the “Spirit” that “You” are, the Eye but a glass,

Unaware God's inner vision pass;

An Impersonal Unfathomable Beingness,

All knowing, seeing.


Soul’s Spirit!

The Dweller, in the Heart.

You from the “Spirit” cannot part!

Feel the Presence in the blood,

Of primaeval, humble beginnings in the mud.


Worship Truth in Dignity.

Right action by the “Karmic Law”,

Karmic Actions that bind and tie;

And so the living, Live as they Die.


The future state, you do Create.

Human’s power to visualize;

The Creative power to materialize, to mobilize;

Sets you apart from the Pet you Idolize.


Awaken, be aware the Dweller within,

Both survive the Shedding skin.

Timely now to begin,

No escape, can not give in!


Divine Heart’s beating Drum,

Principle, Law, Wisdom;

Principle, Law, Wisdom.  

Wisdom, Wisdom, Wisdom,

Ancient Wisdom's, Kingdom come.


Divine Will, be done,

Daughter, Son; You are the One!

Spirit unseen flows in You.

To yourself be True.

Or Else?  

Rue the payment Due!


Spirit speaks to Dead and Living;

Understanding begets forgiving.


Forgiveness reset button of the Soul,

When found will make you Whole!


No eye for an eye, No tooth for Tooth,

No promised land for the outstretched Hand.

No Promise from a voiceless God;

Manure’s Nonsense, turn under Sod.


Clearly now, no misgiving;

Mankind is asleep,

Many forgotten, softly Weep.

Now Awake, Relate,

Your time to Self Compensate.

Survive, Escape!


Intergalactic, Cosmic Universal Splendor.

Wisdom’s Drum Beat does remember;

Note, mark the cost, in ‘Akasha’ nothing’s lost.


Feel a Loving Vibration, moving every Nation;

Stalled Social Change, personal change,

Now within range,

Counsel Wise,

Warns of Spirit’s Demise.

Do not Delay; Or pay and Pay!


Suppose their Nirvana’s Heavens came tonight?

Would you flee before the Light?

Not you, you finally got “It” Right,

Steered a course, beyond your Sight.


Knowing “There is no Death, be no Dead”


Spirit dwells within your Head,

From Spirit you did come,

It is Spirit that you Yearn, and Return.

Hid behind an Earthly Sun.


There be no place to run,



Spirit’s ever reaching Tongue.

At Break of Day a new Journey has begun.


Ask “Ask”, When they settled on the Land;

Did you control your Hand?

Can you breathe the Air?

Do you feel Despair?


Are you all still There!


Do you Know?

Who will be the first to Go?

Will you Show,

Confront the Seeds you sow?


Will you be There?

Spirit incarnate in Mortal Form,

Dons personality, but a Mantle Worn;


Spirit, changes and re-engages as in Flesh you’re Born,

Simple sheep so swiftly Shorn.


Personality of Today,

Mortal, temporal, eventually Fades away,

Spirit in Transit, precious Life, Enhance it.


Duality, is your Reality,  

Spiritual Being from another Extension,

Incarnate in Physical Reality;

Straightforward, Simple said, “Duality is Spiritual Reality”.


Individual Spiritual You,

Survives each life, Forgetting Strife.

Spirit from Elysian Fields,

Soul seeds Life in Spirit Form,

Seeks expression, is the Norm!


Spiritual Knowledge left far behind.

There is no god thing, of the human kind;

Fallacy from the Insincere Mind!


When you Know, Who and What and can Demonstrate,

When you Cease to Desecrate,

When you no longer Die,

Know Knowledge of your state,

You will Qualify;

To seek a Source, that all there is does Create!


Ego, Power and Money;

It really is not funny.


Mankind forgot Phlogiston’s Honey!

Spiritual Truth’s Honey is the Glue;

Allowing activated Life to flow in You,

This Lasting Teaching, surely True.


Most certainly Universal Truth applies to You.


Macrocosm, Microcosm, all the Same,

For mankind’s Race its vagaries Name.

Do you hear, whispered in your ear?

In the Air, are you still Where?


Bloated Corpses Swell,

Sensitive Nose, Swallow Genocide in spasm’s Throes,

An Earthly Hell.


Smell Fear carried upon the Air;

Spirit say unto the Church, Take Care!

Beware! Beware! Beware.


Planets turn, oceans Churn;

Ask will you burn, what did you learn?                               

Will you find the Time; Do you care?  

Will you be There?


Have you found Spirit Ground?

Must Soul’s Spirit go round and round?


Denser Bodies, Spirit, Monad Soul,

Astral vehicle connects You to the Whole;

Visualize with the Inner Eye,

An invisible thread, running from head to Head.


Eventually your Heart and you must Part;

You knew this from the Start!


Just because you Forgot,

Does not mean it’s Not!


With the coming of each Day,

Ectoplasmic Spirit melts away.

Numerous other worlds do Exist,

See you through a physical Mist.


Look beyond the Glass,

Leave physical form and Pass.

When Spirit returns, more to learn, memory sealed,

Recent Lifetime Healed,


Waiting for the fate, Law of Karma does Dictate;

Again to Earth most Incarnate!


A Physical World to Overcome!

Pain and Pleasure test every One!


When you leave, be in Debit, Credit,

Depends upon your merit.

What have you done?

Since your time begun;

Are you at the bottom Rung?


Descending and Ascending,

Learning and Amending,

Involving and Evolving,

Cycling and Revolving.


Spirit Journey polishing Facets of the Soul,

The mirrored surface of the Whole.

Members of humanity,

Regain Spiritual Sanity, Spiritual Practicality.


Away Pious Sentimentality.


Welcome Sensible Educated Spiritual Reality.


“Please Study Spiritual Revelations -

‘Spirit’” & ‘Soul’, Education for all Nation!


Sri Sunkara

“Will a ‘Faith’ save my Soul?


Faith alone leads none to Home,

Did you know that Bishops Roam?

“Have Faith in me the Cardinal said,

As he led me to the Carnal Bed.”


Faith in Religion’s Sophistry dictates acceptance;

Stipulates repentance, renunciation of independence;

Mindless mankind fleeing Fact, before forced fed Faith;

Has lost the Act.


Fearful, in Denial a Race predictably does React;

By rejecting, ignoring Nature’s basic Fact;

Programmed since Infancy, steeped in Superstition,

Comfortably Avoid the Essential Proposition.


A Universal Truth concealed!

Deceitful Sacerdotal lips smirking cunning Sealed;

Again now Revealed for ALL to see;

Truth is, “Beyond Death, Personality Survival, Individually!”  Yes, yes, all will come to Me!


Brainwashed Toxic Dogmas, Living man, stunned, Asleep;

Truth percolates from Dimensions deep.

The Dead, are awake instead!  They are not really Dead!

Awake, awake, do you hear a Species shake?


Religion & State do not Equate!

Self-standing Statement, timely to Relate;

There be no Truth for Authority, no Authority for Truth;

Clutching at the Status – Quo, terrified to let you go;

Or let you know.        


ASK - What future for such a Race?

Billions spent on outer space;

Pennies for the starving Face;

Whilst in surrounding space,

Consciousness questions survival of a human Face.

Humanity certainly is Disgrace.


Vying Factions of the Day;

Meekly Kneeling down to Pray;

Praying Worshiping only Self;

Pretending god, defy all else,

Count the Wealth.


Science & Technology;

Lost in State’s Theocracy’s Theology;

Together they compound, divide,

Deride the Spirit side;

Hence, “The Formulae for Suicide”.


Together we can stem the Tide

Just in time to Save the Children’s Hide!


Dictionaries question every Spirit Term;

Deleting words for Earth’s Survival, all must Learn,

Spirit, Heart and Soul do Yearn, for those

Evidential Lasting Truths on Basis Firm!


Not Teachings set in shifting Rock,

Designed to control the Flock;

Fleece the Man,

And bury Pan.


Spirituality is Reality, all else Banality.

Created Anthropomorphic gods and saints;

Sorry, be no Pearly Gates, for all have Taints.

One Thousand Saviours, plagiarized behaviours;

Heavens! ‘hells bells’ and Virgin Fallacy.


ASK – “Is this the path to Sanity,”

Then welcome a new Spiritual Reality.

You need to care, become aware;

Change your ways and prepare.


Stay strong, for it is true you are loved;

Ask the Tree in whose lofty Balm above;

Holds you in her arms my dove.

Oh beating pulsing heart torn pain,

Running in the veins to Tame;

Tyrants Injustice, all do pass,

Arrives the day they remove the Mask!


Spiritual Healing awaits through “Ask.”

“How did ‘It’ start?”


“Out of Africa” they say.  

Nay! Nay, Nay, Tree does Sway.

Long Afore, before any Country, world or Galaxy were;

Far Beyond the Physical you will find Humanity’s Self-starter.


Science, State & Religion, Restrict belief, leading to Disaster;

Empowering, Feeding Confusion’s Charter.

A Corrupt System’s Science, spawns their Alma Mater!


Did you Know?

Of the Landings long ago,

Before the Ice Froze Flow,

After solidification of the Globe?


They landed on Fecund Poles,

The Higher Souls.

All they taught;

Survived in thought.


Language came long before,

Ancient Sanskrit, transcripts you explore.

Stone proves bibles plagiarized,

All else burned and criticized.

Deliberate, so you could not find,

The Existence Truths left far behind.


Sadly, sacerdotal scriptures of your time,

Were stolen, invented every line.

What were the words spoken long ago?

Do you know?  

Dawn light, night does go.


Ask and seek no more,

Desist persistent knocking at the Keyless Door.

Please understand,

Precious Truth you have in hand.

Protect and love the land,

Obey Truth as by a Royal Command.


This is “The Truth” that will you free,

Responsibly be,

Released to your Destiny;

Ask the Tree, hopefully joyfully the Victory!


Seek not further Truth,

Live in “It”; Here be “It.”

Aspire to “It”.


Aboriginal from the Grub;

You from ovum egg in Mud.

Spirit in stone, Spirit in sweat,

Spirit in loam.  

Spirit in marrow and in bone.


Spirit from the Higher Mind,

Manifest the human kind.


Procreate without a Mate,

The Goddess child, born from Mind,

Pre-dates “Breath of Life” as Hu-Man Kind.

Ethereal Soul’s Spirit, Seeking Life Does Find.


Mind Born, Sun born, Sweat born, Cell, Grub & Egg.

Independent prior to Mammary Fed;

Born in Fish to wait, Gestate.


Man does conveniently, elect to forget;

His recent way; from swelling Waters came his Clay, Burst into this Day.  Remember when, Born, in Fluid,

Were you there? Kicking, Helpless,

with desperate cry, not Shrewd.


When?  Did the Spirit that is you, enter In?

Do you imagine you came with the seed?

Indeed!  When then, did it all Begin?


Gods and Goddess’ compared to your Development;

Exist in Dimensions intertwined,

Protected from Inhuman Kind!

Recently Man from Wo-man, Womb born;

Is But the Passing Norm.


Zillion, Squillion, Trillion,

Billion, Stillion, Million,

Vibrations of the lower Nature,

Minimized Your Stature!

Locked the Door, to Ancient Wisdom from Before!


Beings from a Higher Plane,

Colonized Earth made their Domain.

When the Planets Burned;

Returned from whence they came.


Left some Volunteers to brave the Ocean’s Wave,

Descendant you in Spiritual Grace, can Save;

The collective Spirit from more Demerit.

Elevate, Educate for this hour be Late.  


What have you done

Since your time Begun?

Who holds the Smoking Gun?

Millions starving, no place to Run.  


Were you There?  


Are you There?


Were you the Lunar Ancestor of Mankind?

When Martian remnants from an Early Time,

Intermingled Giants, Forgotten Kingdoms,

Thunderous gods & hu-mankine?            


Oh!  Dragon’s Egg, Planet Green, gone from your Screen,

Remains unseen.

Stamped upon the Faces, are the Traces of the Distant Races,

Colonized, Settled Cooling Earth, others, distant places.  


Ask and step back a Brahman Breath, four billion years ago,

Ask at a million years ago,

Ask one hundred thousand years ago,

Ask a recent Fifty thousand years or so?


Ask how much do You really Know?


How many forgotten lives to go?

Earn ten thousand more, earn the “Time”,

If you choose to snooze, lose the Rhyme;

“If” you close Kipling’s open door!


Spirit Spores of life Sparked Human Form,

Androgynous, Hermaphrodite, Nature's Norm.

Way back before the Planet's Storm;

Mixed variations, limitations, aspirations,

A myriad Creations in the Human Soul Dorm.

Spirit incarnate in animal Form.  


When you know your Spiritual Name,

Proof for ‘Why’ you Came;

When, mankind Remembers How and When?


Then, and only Then,

Shall Sentient Men Comprehend.


Ask the Spirit in the air to See,

The Spirit of the Tree,

Leafy Arms, Gentle Breeze, Welcome the Spirit, Thee,

Together solve Man’s Mystery.



Divided into three were We!


This pre-history of your recent Ancestry;

Not available to man’s University.

In recent counting, 1966, a Christian Vatican;

Finally lifted, their Inquisition’s Book List Ban.


Here, so simply said for all to See,

Make, take, an Awakening Discovery;

Understand the Human Band,

Remove Delusion’s Confusion’s Sexuality taught to Thee,

Tread the Path to a Fast Recovery!  


Respect, display new tolerance for Diversity,

Truth not found in Institutions University,

Programming continues for the Child,

From the Cradle to Eventide.

Set aside that Degree, Qualify to be Free.


8 Billions years in Ancient History buried in Antiquity.


A Man descended from the Stars.


Found Man and forgotten lakes and lives on Mars.


Darwin Grandfather to the Ape,

Bestiality in your Past,

Mixed Species under Science Glass;

Ancestral Native Man mated Species in a Primitive Shape,

Modern Ape Head of State,

Reminder of a big Mistake.


Material man did Desecrate at Spirit’s Gate;

Life’s Lessons learnt in Spiritual State.

Animal man & beast no longer Mate;

Forbidden lest they Procreate.


Upon Continents long Submerged

Animal & Animal man, Science Merged.

Resulting in a shape,

Similar to one known as the Ape.


Parallel  Species, including your Own,

Made Garden of Eden their Earthly Home.


Mankind's older than is Known;

Spirit Root Races, Spirit Sub Races,

Involving Consciousness;

Evolving Nature’s magical Caress.


Consciousness does beget Awareness,

Awareness in Group Spirit Form;

Salt Water Gull, Eagle eye, Spirit in you and I.

Molecules within Plankton’s Plethora and Totality;  

Group Soul’s Spirits eventually involve Individuality,

Spiritual Individual Awareness, past Conscious Form.


Mankind tragically snug in Superficiality does Mock,

Spiritual Existence on this Rock!

Ask “Garuda” of “Goloka”,

Carried First Life upon the Dragon’s back, Way Back!


Swirls of Consciousness, Spirits Roam;

Circle Inner Worlds you call Home; Your own.


Mixed Races, Colours, Shapes;

Myriad Facets upon Nature’s Plate.


Earlier, Asia & the East,

Bought forth Giant men, hairy Beast,

Giants Ruled the East! Ordered by the gods to Breed;

Among self same seven sexes, sow their Seed.


Awake Mankind, remnant of an enlightened Time;           

Inhale Fragrance of Vedanta Rhyme;

Inhale pure essence Sweet Divine,

Manifest, intertwine, rest in Spiritual Slumber Sublime.


From Soul’s Sanctity, Spirit Unseen, in me to Me,

Spirit man, Man Spirit, Duality;

Three in one, the missing Trinity,

Revelations Spiritual Reality!


Group Souls in Pre-In-Human Waves,

Spiritual Showers,

Cycling through the Globes in Rings;

Monadic Over Soul of Life, does Sing.


Bound by Ether’s threaded Silken Chains,

In a Matrix of overlapping Planes,

Varying Degree and Density,

Spiritual Sensitivity, woven Nature’s Intense Immensity.


Intertwined by Seven Globes we Go;

Spirit born in Soul’s Elysian Field does Sow,

A Spiritual Ground to manifest Reality,

Science attests to that Actuality!


Hidden from our Sight;

Splendid Cosmic Light;

Boundless Light, Galactic Light,

Halation Light, Unfathomable Light, Limitless Light,

Divine Spiritual Hierarchy Light,

Light in Principle in Light.


Primordial Light,

Brought forth the Night.


Sidereal Light,

Astral light;


Spirit’s Guiding Light.


Absolute Majesty of Might;

Unknowable God’s Sacred, Serene, all Seeing, all Knowing;

All Encompassing Sight.


This Solar Earth so Young;

Modern man’s time just Begun;

Who stepped upon the Bottom Rung;

Reached the moon too soon;

Left Earth to her Doom?


Who Trod the Stairway to the Higher Planes?

List them for this Pen;

Spiritual man’s Immortal Names.


Immortal Truth rising up to Reveal,

Rabbis, Priests & Clerics may no longer Seal.


Veils of Tears, the Red Man’s Restless Spirits Tell;

The Day Spiritual Red man Fell,

Humanity trod a path to Hell.

Led by a Christian Bell!


Oh!  Upon yon distant Star,

Scattered, Misguided, Divided strayed so Far.


Evolve to Higher Spiritual planes that Matter;

Come, rise above the chatter,

Regain your Personality, Recognize Immortality;

Aware Spiritual Individuality, eventually be Thy Destiny.


No reason to delay, Don’t Hesitate,

It’s Not too late!

Slow down, Meditate, Contemplate;

Listen, learn, work, Relate.


Confirm Spiritual Awakening, not Rebirth,

When, with Memory Sealed, attracted Back to Earth;

Round and Round, until Sound, Spirit Found;

Securely rooted in Spiritual Principle’s Ground.


Know the Law;

I came Before,

Be not in Awe,

All came from Before.


Each Round when I have Come;

I have Found Civilizations on the Run.

Love in Action is Life’s Key;

Love and Action will set you Free.


Bhuda’s Cyclic Wheel you’ll Flee,

Personality revival, in Life Survival,

Beyond Physical passing, still aware

And for a certain, Curtain Time,

A duration, now determined by your basking in the Asking?


Spiritual Races of the Great “I AM”,

Higher than your own,

In you a Spiritual Seed was Sown.


Cosmic Celestial Planetary Elders of the Human Race,

Stamped an image upon your Face.


Spirit Matter to Spirit Invisible,

Spirit to Matter Visible,

Man no Exception to the Rule,

Changing Form, Evolution’s Tool.


Spirit when formed, when Crystallized;

Manifests Physical for your Eyes,

Thence Body Host Actualized.


Gases, Ethers, Vibrations,

Revelations Dance in Space,

Unseen creators of the Human Race;

All pervading Spirit Supreme,

Via the Mia of Material man’s Skepticals, rarely Seen.


You are of a Distant Origin much Older,

Remove Dis – ease’s Cross from Shoulder;

Replace with Spiritual Ground’s Unseen Boulder,

Set your feet, where the Angel’s Meet,

You will live Longer!


Great Knowledge never Taught,

Denied by Wolves in Fear of Naught,

Spiritual Truth, Man’s Pre-History,

Ancestry, Opportunity, Truth in Reality?


Popes & Princes sell you Short,

Yet your Masses support the Rort!

And Terror’s Error Continue without abate;

Supported by the State, lacking a Mandate.


An Ancient Past,

Revelations Revealed at Last.


Develop Unknown Potential,  

Beyond hidden Burning Book and Broken Pencil.

“When does hu-man Life commence?”


Zygote Embryo Fetus, be not You.  

Conception not your Cue.


Be no Spirit, no Soul connection in only Skin!

Comes a time for Everything.

Woman Warrior, carrier of this hu-man Race,

Spirit says, “Suffer Not, No Disgrace,

When Unavoidable Circumstance dictates, Clean the Trace”.


Soul’s Spirit Does Not Enter In,  

Until Life Independent from Mother Nature’s Quickening!

Some five months from Creation,

From Beginning of Gestation.


The Body Alone, is not a Spirit’s Home,

Until, twixt Quickening and shortly after the Birth.


Karma’s Child is not your Own,

Nor the Spirit in the Body Grown;

A painful Decision, better sooner than later,

Preferably Not.  


Lesser Evil be the Greater Good,

Cherish Protect the Parenthood.

Prevention must be the Intention.

Many Healthy means of Contraception.


Five Days only in a Thirty Day Cycle,

That Ovulation can begat Creation.

Period ends, Blood stops its Flow,

Simple Conception for you to know.


When no longer Flow,

Count to the Eleventh Day,

Stay away, stay Activity, just Five Days Wait,

Then return to Loving Mate!


Circumcision, base Culture’s Rule on Preference, No Indecision.  


Karma’s Incarnating Spirit sent for Experience.

May leave soon after Deliverance,

Spirit may arrive before Conception,

Be aware until Connection, then asleep, to wake.


At this time you are Reborn;

Awaken in another Form!


Then shortly, when you are dead, when you Die;

Well, That is a Lie!

You Awaken,

Unwise to be Mistaken.


The Spiritual Body to most Unseen;

Connected to the Inner Spleen,

Sense Organs in Transcendental Form.


Into a Spirit you are Reborn,

Go within, the Higher Self Remembers,

Arise from Superstition’s Embers.

Apply Common Sense?  


When did Hu-man Life Commence?


Where came the Invisible Spirit Essence?

What is the Immense Unknown Presence?


When did Your Life Commence?


You are a Spiritual Being;

Spiritually Aware, Mature, Away to Self Deceiving,

Living Life by Breathing, Leaving, no to Grieving,

Like attracts Like, a Principle worth Believing!  

Love has no boundary,

Within the Cosmic Foundry.  


Use ten percent of the Brain,

The Balance,

Wisdom and Knowledge Spirit does Retain.

Immortal Higher Spiritual Self's Ego,

Composite of all you Know!


To the Watcher your Light does Show,

Light the Path for Mankind to Follow!


Those that Know You, wait unseen, close by, past Tomorrow.



“Was there, is there Life on Mars”


When man Journeyed from Faraway Stars,

Colonized Green Fields on Mars;

You were There!


You know who Desecrated Mars;

Fled to the Planet Blue,

Escaping from the Flu,

Was it not you?


Were you There?


Did you Ignore the Higher Law?

Forget Life’s lessons from Before,

Let Politicians go to War?


Don’t you See,

Spirit waits for Thee.


When your body does Decay,

And you’ll live to see the Day;

The price all Tyrants pay,

At the final hour,

Then, when They have no Power!


In the End,

Yes all will Ascend,

Ten thousand lives to amend.

This a Karmic Fact, the Human Family Destiny.

Do it now!  Remove a race from Misery.


The Truth Mother Time does Reveal;

For all to Hear, Heal;

Terrorist Erroneous Religions,

In Truth’s Tomb be Sealed!


Will you Dare?


Have you found Immortal kin?

Perhaps you’re left far behind the Din?

Did you discover a godly Philosophy,


Or become lost in Sophistry?


Did you know your world is Round,

As you walked upon the ground?


Or do you think the Planet’s Flat?,

Never question, Where you’re at!


Universal truth flows in the Marrow;

Walk the straight and narrow.

Now comes the Cosmic Arrow;

From a godly Bow,

For every one to Know.


Will you return from whence you came?

Slip down the Karmic Drain?

Did you follow what’s his Name,

Hang your head in Guilty Shame,


Pray that he or she remove your Blame,

In-sin-cerely, play their Game,

Did Inquisition,

Your Spiritual Gifted Intuition Tame.


Temples on Mars, came from the Stars, Near and Far!


Water, Water, Everywhere, not a Drop to Spare;

Is this You, Back again?  Are you really There?

Crystal Pyramids, Galactic Green, Glowing Glass;

Your Families Lived Within.


Still Waters; No doubt no Sin,

No Earthly Division entered In.


Man forgets the Past on Mars,

Has no memory of the Distant Stars.

System Denied You,

Knowledge of Mars, of Mu.


Of Maldech, of the Ladies of the Pleiades,

Unapproachable, By the Likes of You.

No Offence, meant to Thee,

From the Leaves of Wisdom’s Tree.


Can you Walk upon the Cloud,

Will you make the Heavens Proud?

Will you listen with your Heart,

For in Silence again you will Depart.


You can be Free!  Don’t follow me!

Set your course, for the Source,


In Time and on time,

Eventually, all mankind does find,

Its place beyond your kind,

A time before the mind!


Are you here?

Are you there, you need to care;

The God Is;

Is, everywhere.


All, do pass beyond the Glass,

And you shall retain your Spirit Domain;

An inner Gain, from within this Master Class,

One Free Pass; Meditation is Departure Station!


Find the Name, the one you forgot again!

Hark to Spirit’s Sweet Refrain,

Your Spiritual name you will retain!


So, now here you are.  Welcome to Spiritual Reality,

Awake to your Duality;

Spirit Spore is everywhere!  You were There!


Intelligent Life on other Stars,

Ongoing Life in Mars!

And on Earth, Cradle of your Birth,

What will the Future’s Life be worth?


Gleaming, Spiritual Mirror’s Perfection, Physical nature but a Shadowy Reflection!  Humankind selects its own Direction.

Ever Scheming Politicians, Lawyer, Rabi, Priest;

Non-sense must Decease, be Demised, Denied;


Permanently Retired!

“Are we Alone?”


Do you see my Star?


Invisible Roots from the Tree of Memory,

A peaceful time, uplifting, fulfilling, sheltered,

Under me, this loving Tree, reaches out to Thee.


I Am, in the Leafy Foliage Green,

In Planets numerous beyond your Horizon;

Yes, some, where you, have Lived and Died On.


You were never Alone.


To the Ladies of the Pleiades you are quite Alien,

To those from Lizard Land, Wonder how you lost,

Your Tail Again!


Consciousness of a Higher Degree, shielded from Earth’s Debris; Affirms mankind finds the Key, past Sophistry;

Use common sense!

Overcome the Violence!

Spiritual Truth all comprehend;

Delete Religion’s Diction, remove instantly all Friction,

Little Time for actions to Amend,

Without Destroying Them!   


An Alien Asked, “Is there Intelligent Life on Earth?

By what manner is their Birth?

Are they Telepathic or still use the Graphic?

Do they think they are Alone?

Are they still embodied in Flesh and Bone?


Look not for life beyond the Star,

Seek not Alien civilizations from near and yet Afar;

To Star Races you are a Threat,

To the Intergalactic Environment,

And all abhor, the war, you Let.


Here on this Earth long ago,

Ancestral home of another Race,

Returned, left, with little trace,

In Ask, their light is now upon your Face.


Cousins to the Human Race,

Arrived from a nearby Place;


Not way out in deepest Space,

But right next door, within the Core!


Multiple undiscovered Dimensions;

All around, within multi tiered Universes do abound!

Stay, Be still, hear the Sound,

Place an ear to the Ground.


Music of the Spheres, symphony, harmony;

Peace, comfort, Colour, Sound,

Spiritual Healing “I Am”, all around.


Recall Higher expressions of the Human Form,

On many planets is the norm.

Earthly cultures created gods,

Comes emptiness, loneliness,

In a Human’s Heart, when Soul’s Spirit can not express.


Immortal beings are as gods to Mortal man.

An Ant is to an Adam – hu – man,

As mortal man is to Immortal man,

As is mortal man to Star man,

To highly evolved ancestral man, god man.


Humanity has devolved, hu-man is Evolving man,

Descendents of an earlier race,

Yes, Lost in time, lost in Space;

Yet to understand your Place!

To a Clarion, Lilliputian, or Pygmalion,

It is you who is the Alien!


Black Obama has a White Man’s Karma!

Red man, White man, Yellow man, Brown man,

Albino man.  On another land; Blue man, Green Man,

The Lizard man, Giant man, Robotic Man,

Aquatic Man, Space Man, Ethereal Man, Immortal Man.


Scientists scan waters of Space,

Shifting your Gaze from the Political Maze,

They Float in the Sky; Look out, down, and Spy,

Answer no question about Life when you Die!


Forget who they Are,

Stare out across the Star,

In Ancestry, original, eternal man is now Alien,

When compared to what has overcome Them!


Seven Cycles, Rings, Rounds, and Round,


Silent Souls, Limitless do abound,

Sense Fragrance in the Cosmic Ground,

Seeding Spirits, in the “Great Surround.”


Spiritual Races in Celestial Waves,

Conceived in Space waters, Ocean Motion Clave.


Principles in Action, provide the Traction.


Beyond, Terrestrial life time threaded Chain,

A single Isolated Universe in which you Tread,

One of many, but an Egg.

As Plankton in a Shore less Sea, no Land yet for you to see.


Oceans above Oceans below,

Intermixed in Space do flow;

Ah Sidereal light of the Night,

Let it be the Guiding Light.


Ask, Ask “Are we Alone?”

Ask Spirit sent to Guide you Home,

Ask the Spirit in your Inner Dome.


You are not Alone!

You are the Beating Pulsing Heart of Life Supreme,

Surrounded by those Unseen, Meditate;

Enter the Closet, Renew Friendships,

With those who Wait!

“Comment on Environment.”


Disgusting, Greedy Warlike Hu-man Animals,

No longer Cannibals, still Placental Mammals,

Not Marsupial or Monotreme,

Cruel, Destructive to Extreme!    


Fighting for Money for Land,

Starving, Tortured, Maimed, and in Whose Name?

To rule a Land;

Appalling Ignorance of a Lost Command!


One Veda from this Tree,

Is more than a Leaf, it is a Gift to Thee;

Read, “I AM Leaf”, and you will Know,

What your misbegotten Races’ action’s Sew!


Desecrated Nature’s Eden, gasping for Air,

Struggles in her Polluted Death Throes.


A Group Mind, Devouring, Empowering Insanity,

Scattering offal’s debris, Where ever it Goes.


You did Ask!


Were mankind Sensitive Enough,

Not quite so Modern and Tough;

Playing with the Mobile Phone,

Not aware they are Not Alone!


If you were Sensitive to this Tree, to a Plaintiff Plea,

You would feel my Boughs a’ shaking;

The entire Earth a’ Quaking,

Resulting from Civilization’s un-relentless Making.


Nine Thousand Years of Calm,

Now Limbs dieing on My Arm,

The Canopy in disarray, Seeks Air above the Fray,

As I Mature they Pulp Me, am I the money Tree?

Destroy all that Feed on Me.


Then from the Pulp, a chair to Sit Upon,

Rooted in Poisoned Ground,

Cancer Water from Above,

No Peaceful Place, No Branch for Dove.


Question is, Will you return to Love?


Stop Production by Reduction,

Return to the Soil, and not for Oil.

Nor Coal, Fill the Hole,

Natural Energy Reduplicate;

Control the State, Insist, could be too Late!


2000 Years of Mess,

Pagan Mass regress,

Confess, Face up to the Test.

Produce only for Need,

Not for Banker’s Greed;

Compulsively Addictively Consuming pay no Heed!


Work Together, Improve the Weather.


Industrialized, Death to the Skies,

Make Money, Manufacture Well, “All’s Swell”.

Drop another Neutron Shell,

Propaganda, Hate and Lie;

Blow ‘em, shred ‘em, all Enemy must Die.

Bomb them, Blow em all Sky High.


Kill, Kill, Kill,

The Perfected Mortal Skill.

To which god’s Will,

Do you continue to Kill, Kill, Kill?


Kill a Tree,

No Pollen Bee.

Kill a Plant,

Defeat the Ant.


Kill Mother Earth;

There be No Mirth!


Pollute the Air,

Gasp in Despair;

Mankind’s Insane;

Are you to Blame?


Heave to Breathe,

Aware Now, but How?  

How to leave?


A Mass Media controlled by the Few,

Over fifty years has Brain Wiped You.



From a god, Spirit, Spirit Man did Devolve,

Earlier humankind did evolve;

Once, higher intelligence, far greater than Today,

Descending, Atrophied, thence Decay.


Involving and Evolving,

Revolving on a spec of Dust,

Living Temporary on the Crust,

In a universe of violence, beauty and rebirth,

And so it is the same on Earth.


Except for Eden’s flowing water, leaves and fields of Green,

For Oceans once clean, serene;

A Unique Spiritual Oasis,

Reflection of the Great Unseen.   


Look within the Physical frame,

Unused body parts Tree does name,

Evidential Vestiges, from ages, stages of civilizations past.

Proof of former Identity in the Blood, unused Organs,

Nipples on Man, Pineal Gland,

Sixth Digit on the Hand.


Large Brain, ten percent in the game,

Ninety Percent, out to Let; Dormant Brain,

Indicative of a need to Tame.


You Did Ask, now you have identified the Task!


Absorb this Knowledge while you can,

Hear a Superior Spiritual Grown up Step for Man!

Hidden footsteps singing in the Sand,

Restore Inner Vision Shrunken in a Gland.

Animal!  Abysmal Minimal Pineal.


Spiritual Psychic Intuition is Revealed,

Big Brain Organ Glands, all Concealed,

Remainder from an earlier Race, Reappraise your Face.


Clean up the Environment,

Consequences of continuing Neglect,

Lost Consciousness swallowed in Cement!

Remainder Wallow in Remorse, Regret.

“What about the Government?”


The Government State has led you Far Astray.

Ultimately, Universal Law does rule the Day;

Not the law of man;

Abysmally ignorant of the Cosmic Plan.


Demon – ocracy;

Banks on a Devil Philosophy.


Politicians, Technicians, Statisticians, Terrorisms;

Spirit does resist your Euphemisms;

Planned Obsolescence, Progress toward Annihilation,

Comes an end to every Nation,

Ask from where comes deserved Salvation?


Ask, for you can do Anything;

Act on Ask and make the Angels Sing.

Reverse, Reverse;

U Turn, before the Priestly Curse.


Produce, planned obsolescence, defy sense, consume;

Consume, consume, consume, Assume your Doom!

Economic Growth leads to Ruin;

Governments lead all to the Rune.


Growth, Growth, Expand;

Expand, Material Progression to Explode,

Is this the future for Democracy’s road?


Among you be no Poor,

Seek you not, Seek no More.

By the clarity of this Pen;

Wealth’s wolves run panting to any Den.


Sheep once asleep, are now awoke;

Startled by each loving Stroke.

A Shepherd’s Tongue, the Devil’s Smote,

Truth herein by Verse and Rote.


Ask Spirit among you, be no Poor,

All emerged from Spirit Spore.

When you shed your Skin;

You and Spirit will be Kin.


Deny the Spiritual Reality of Existence,

Material worship in Resistance,


No matter where you’re At,

None escape the Basic Fact.


Responsibility for every Act;

Accountability Determines Spirits Track!

Rich on Earth, Dead to Verse?

Not one will escape Sorrow’s Hearse.


Believe Not in Me,

You are Set Free!

Government System Structure, Heartless and Cold,

Material Religions have had the Hold!


Now the Truth Unfold;

Be Bold!

Stay a Tax, Put down the Axe and then Relax,


Enrich the Poor,

Stop the War,

Don’t pay the price,

For human horror Sacrifice!


Grandly Export the young, Fodder for the Gun?

Patriotic Politician’s Photo opportunity;

Soldiers sadly died, Sacrificed in Duty;

Now the Oven’s Done, Priests’ bless Everyone.


Ask’s leaves, Leaves of Wisdom;

Words, words, Rhyme and Verse all now read,

Promise of New Star to Steer a Course Ahead,

Three Thousand Wiser Men Guide this Pen!


Stop the Tax, Change your Acts;

Aware now awakened from the sleep, Realize,

That, what Western Governments most Despise,

Could be you, under a Berka’s Guise.


Find that Higher Self, the lasting Spiritual Self,

Abandoned back their on the Shelf,

Yes, it is your True Self, when you re-engage,

You can change, World Government re-arrange!


Religion & State control the Slaves,

Stopped thinking, “Inchalla”, or “Rufus Saves”.

Dispensing Government Induced Addictions,

Misnamed as Aids, a Parade of Virus hungry for Subscriptions!


Pandemics Mysterious, News bordering on Bilious, Spurious,

Peoples spoon fed nothing Serious, in Pain, Retch Delirious.

Old and new Diseases, spreading Fear, Fear, Fear.

No word of Spirit, Soul do you Hear.


Misuse of Money, Misallocation of Funds, Fuels Downfall,

It is Religion has Governments up against the Wall.

Government and State from Religion must separate,

Religion has no validity, Good Government, earn Mandate.


Agencies profit from Sufferers in their Bed,

Victims of the Scientists, Virus fed;


Hiv, Dvd, Vd, Bc, Cd, Ad, hold on to Truth’s Tree;

Sensible Loving balance, the missing Key,

Understand your Humanity, you are of Spirit,

Release Religions, in the name of Yawha, Jehova, Allah; Resist!  Unlock Prison’s Doors, let the Harmless Free!


Ask, “Ask”, Before you make Another Law;

Tightening the Grip, enslaving cultures, an Agenda’s Lore!

Ask, Ask Questions and Answer for Self,

Stimulate the Brain to Think, question Authority and self.  


Ask, who planted the First Seed?

Ask, from where came the Seed?


Ask, who grew the First Root?

Ask, Ask from whence came the Root?

Ask from where the Flower, who synthesized the Fragrance?  Ask from where came the First Plant, and the Ant?


Now Ask, Ask from where came Alcohol?


Ask who makes Alcohol?

What Man made the First Still?

Ask who Profit from its Sale,

Ask who drinks Wine from a Holy Grail?


Be safe and Snug?  Perhaps it’s you that is on a Drug,

Ask, who the Violent Addict.  Religious Addiction, is Friction!  

Ask why your Children rot in Jail?

Religion’s Confusions, Lofty delusions, got you by the think Tail!


Death & Taxes, not Inevitable;

Survival revival, denial Regrettable!  


Death's Terror, is an Error,

At Peace Alive, understanding on awakening from Death;

Personal, Spiritual Self Survival in Spirit Breath.

Separation comfortably, three days three Nights;

Then revival, survival, born in Spirit Light.


Government & Religion lied to you in every Bible.

Self Serving Stories of False premise, absolutely Unreliable!


When did you Vote to pay Tax?,

When Lance Sword and Axe Levied you to the Max;

So Politicians could invade and go to War?

Nothings changed, Policemen & Soldiers under Tax Man’s Law, May walk through your Castle Door, No Right,

Government has No Right, and your Right, Out of Sight.


People see the Nakedness, see the System's Lie,

Spiritual Peaceful Revolution, Stand up Together and Defy.


De power Religion’s government’s Tyrants in disguise,

Torture, Slaughter, Kill and Maim while Scheming Lie.

Relegate the Government to separate,

Then re-allocate the rolls, rewrite History’s Scrolls.

Refuse to feed, Guilty Government's Greedy Need!


Paying for a Fundamental, is Elemental,

Ombudsmen of Elders, Wise Ones to look over Them,

Reverse on Produce, Forward on Reduce,

Heed Spirit’s Wisdom via this Pen!


It is now your Choice.

Wait, clean the slate, Hark, hear the Voice;

Escape Religion’s “Money Tree”, then you will be Free;

A Promise long given Thee,

Love, Forgive, Live, live in Renewed Spiritual Reality,

In Truth’s Name, retain, reclaim, and regain your Sanity!


Things, Accumulations, strictly money, shallow motivation,

Passing Nation, Sensible seek growth, serve, earn Salvation.

After Death, ongoing life, truly is a shock,

Implications, only the foolish do Mock!


America’s Civil-war-i-zation, all for Tax must Toil?

Living on the Red Man’s Soil, a Nation on the Boil;

Living by the Code;

Of, Stack, Rack, “Lock and Load”.

Children, there is Another Mode!





Cries Gandhi of India,

With continuing Charisma!





Sadly Forgotten;

Peace Path’s rarely Trodden.


Spiritual Teachings,

We Initiate;


Every Level;

Offset In Balance, Nature's Bevel.   


Out of Time,

Out in Space.

Here on a Grain,

That We Affirm, will Remain;

Dwell the Remain of the Lost Race,

Ignorant, of their Place in Grace.


Out of Date,

Man can no longer Wait,

Mirror shows the Fate.


Karma’s Finger lingers on a Trigger of Destiny;

Man’s Violent Nature, has set the Stage,

All, Down Wind, all in Range!

Linger not, Relate, do away with Hate,

Engage or Disintegrate!

“About the Middle East – Take down the Wall.”


Be not Politically Correct,

To raise Basic Issues which Tear and Rent.

Spirit has no Sentiment;

No Anti-semitic Intent, no feeling either Way;


Ask’s Mission is the Truth to “Say”!


Ask’s Spirit voice “Speaks” to All.

Public forums for the Favoured Few;

Little unbiased News Filters Through;

Mass Media controlled, by you know Who!


Muslim, Jews, Christians, Religions All!

Teachings that will bring forth the Fall;

They did discreetly, copy and Adopt;

Such error serves you not.


Numerous gods once worshipped by Hebrew;

Circle of Priests reduced to One, a “Theocracy,”

All Power to the Rabid Priest, Opposite to Democracy!  

God to Priest to Government, Direct!  Suits the Few.

Scheming men, Priest’s self Elevated;

By Concept of a Single god they Created.

Anthropomorphized, tailored for You.  


Wandering tribes lost and never Found;

Reliance on the Veracity of one Rabbi;

Today’s Farcical Leaders in need of Alibi!

Deny Truth’s wisdom & confound.


Desecrate recent man's holy ground;

Spill innocents' blood round & round,

Rationalize, Criticize, Occupy,

Maim, Murder, Steal & Lie.


Count the world’s money, add Compound,

Accumulate, accumulate,

Expand amoral State.

Hate, Hate, Accumulate;

Usurious nature does decree Material Fate!


Shallow Politicians, justifying, moralizing, Sow the Hate;

Occupy a Country bleeding under Pillage and Rape;

Scorched Torn apart, ripped to pieces, their Rightful State.

Money and Power can not buy Legitimate Mandate.


Sadly Insane, that Any Man Can,

Continue to Proclaim,

Your Ancient Country Palestine;

Was Promised by a god Divine,

Created in the Mind of an imagined chosen Few,

From another Time.


This non-existent god,

Does Rule with Flailing Iron, Acid Sulphuric Rod,

And If, At Its Scorching hand you Die,

Priests and Politicians will Justify, Deny!


Land, Land, Land;

Six Billion Dollars, From another Land, to Expand;

Accommodate Over Populate, Insatiable Demand!

For a Race without a Trace of Integrity on Hand;

For Rightful Occupation of Any Land!


In Coming Dawn’s Naked Light;

Exposed by Nature’s Might;

This False god will surely Face the Wall;

Then Desert sands a Land Reclaim for All!  


A Generation of Seditious Sucking Souls,

Swallowing in the throat of recent rewritten Scrolls;

Self serving scribbling written for a Later Date.

Attempt to Endorse a spurious Claim in a god’s Name,

Upon Another’s Unquestionable and Rightful Domain!


A Self Promised State, to Await, a self Created Fate.


Swallowing Camels, Straining at Gnats,

The Media sit round firesides gossiping and Chat.

Weapons of mass destruction enough to Destroy,

Surrounding Spirit Space, home of the Spiritual Race!

Already out of control is a confused Divided Race.


Coming rapidly from the Past

Spirit senses leading edge of an overwhelming Blast!

Work together now to restore the Right;

Hope for mankind, for those left Behind!

If re-emerge, under Enlightened, loving Spirit Light.                                


Mankind quickly grows in instant awareness,

Does no longer Fein & Chafe,

Under Bit and Reign, of Religion’s futile Faith.                               


America once hailed as the New Jerusalem,

Supplies Acid Cluster Horrors and Israelis Use Them,

on children.  American Lacky offers no moral Path;

Wonder at their perhaps last, Bloody Bath.


Israelis squeeze a Stolen Land,

Drenched in blood every Hand.  Listen!

War drums beating in the East,

Preparing for the Usurer’s Feast.


Beloved Palestine of yore, off the Map,

Erased from Atlas Page, timid world took a Nap.

Lost Tribes, lost indeed, “God's” patience Sap.

Zionists, Communists, Extremists, Terrorists;

Capitalists, Hypocrites, intelligence would Resist.  


Hallucinogenic Holocausts, Imaginary and Real,

Truth’s Lips, no voice, will longer Seal;

Mankind’s Genocide is on self Destruct;

Billions may be turned to Dust;

Mutant Remainder, seen choking on a Hostile Crust.


Time is running out for You?


All governments kill, all be Terrorists

Who insist, use the Iron fist!

Demons plus Theocracy, DT!

Equal the Fallacy of so called Democracy;

Autopsy discloses the Demon in Theocracy.


See how they mock Thee;

There is no Democracy.

Egotistical common place little Man;

Has you in the Frying Pan.


Tyrants disguised as Government,

Do not escape, the coming Fate,

Stubbornly are slow to Repent, Tax all 'till Broke and Bent.

Reject their word, Protect the Garden the Elders Sent!


Please research Hebrew;

Nothing new!

Scripture prior Egypt,

Sneaking Tribes did Slip

Stolen rituals from the Crypt.


“The Talamud."

Soaked in Blood, running in a Flood.

For Bibles of Deception,

There be no Redemption.


India, Brahma, Babylon, Chaldea Denied,

Betrayed human Spirits cried!


Lost a Civilization Fell,

A planet led to Hell,

State’s Religions Sanctify,

Turn a Blind Eye.


Inflated Egos valiantly send the Youth to Die.


And so they maintain the Lie!


No morals to the Fight,

Back turned on Sacred Light.


No more, no more, No More;

Stop manufacturing the tools of War.

Stop selling the Tools of War.

Use your wits, pick up Sticks.


Refuse to serve their bloody War,

No longer be their unpaid Whore.

‘Law of Karma’ write the Living Journal,

Wisdom, Philosophy, Spirit Lasting Eternal.


Science touches but the sidelines of the Day,

Every Religion has lost the Way.


Judiciary are wallowing in the Trough.

Intelligently cast aside the Unjust Slough;

A god’s Counsel;

They be Scoundrels on the Carousel.


Ask is not a Task to hide behind a Mask!


Nor is it this Author's Bent,

To express any anti Semitic;

Not show any Sentiment;

Translates into words, as heard, has no Intent.


People are Spiritual Beings not Labels;

Designated by a Few, were you?

Strictly Fables,

Spirit has the Say, turning inevitably,

The Money counter’s Tables.


Spirits all before the Fall,

Mortal is the Face, the Race,


If Desecrated, Cremated the Astral Plane,

Earth’s, Soul’s Domain;

Every Sub Race will dissolve in Space;

No Remainder of any Human Race;


No Place for Life, no Plate, no Point, for Tithe.


Elitism, Nazism, Zionism Extremism of Bad Behaviour,

Deserving of no past, present, or Future Saviour!

Spirit is as Spirit is; applies to Thee!

Your common ancestry, future Destiny;


Only the Spiritual answerable Naked you survive!

No Colour, no Faith, no nonsense, none to Bribe.


An International Community rightly Repulsed,

By Halacious War Crimes, Identified, more lies, then Denied;

Silenced Slaughter, swept Truth under Dust,

Genocide, Plunder, tear asunder, Justify, Rationalize,

Deaf to burning acid sufferers open wounds that cry!


Ask your Higher Self, Why you think you Can?

Familiar Arrogance thinks it is above “I Am”.


Indignant! Disgusted Riotous Anger!  Not Sentiment;

Not Semitic, that’s Semantic,

Not Anti Semitic.  Anti Lies, Hurt, Deception, Greed;

How many Shekels does a Racial Addiction Need?


Three million in Zion’s concentration Camp, beyond a wall,

Forty million world wide in refuge have no wall.


Addiction to an Anti Human Creed,

Pouring Scorn on those who Mourn;

At last deserving harsh Criticism;

Oh!  Illuminati Agents of a coming Cataclysm!


Spirit, Revelation Prophesied, At Last!  Has a Say!

Do not Delay, Change your Way!

Church, Synagogues, Temples, the Hour is Now!

Cunning Lie.

Terrorist Trespassers Deny, Deny.

Result of Past Invasion’s actions do not Die.


Invaded Holy Lands in an Act of War,

Lending Gold to Each Victor!

Holds a Stunned World to Ransom,

Occupying, Crucifying, Armed to the Teeth;

Confusing your own mayhem, in a wrong Belief!


Be gone! Thou Racial victim’s Game of old Deceit;

Transparent naked arrogant Conceit;

Arab, Jew, Christian Visions; Concocted Stories, Real Divisions; In Malice from the Chalice, dulling the Spiritual Root & Sub Races’ inherent, Inner Vision.       


Ask Answered!  “Your choice is not Elective”.

Will you be Effective?  Humbled, discover True Perspective?  Ask the Tree of Knowledge gives Clear Directive.


You will become your Brother!

Once you were your Mother,

Each the Other;

Justice comes, one Life or Another.


Traces of Spiritual Races expressed in Consciousness,

Common interest in the mess, Animal Hu-maness.


War in Human Nature, unrecognized in the Skies;

Debris from a forgotten Planet’s morbid Demise.

Ask said, in words earlier Read, “You were There!    

Mars, Maldech, Mu, Lemuria, Atlantis, Zare!

Technical advancement outstripped Overran,

Knowledge of the ‘Christ I Am’.


War, War, War, War!  History plus Prophecy says Four.

At the end of Two, America’s General swore “No More”

Mankind’s Litany, shows not, There will not, be More?

Where to hide from Incoming Thunder?

Alternative is to be Scorched Asunder!


Your Choice.  People Unite with Common Voice.


Spiritual Power, over Weaponry,

Spiritual Maturity is Your Duty.

Love in Action, follows a Reaction;


Supreme Buddha, Christ Consciousness,

Spiritual Highness in Consciousness;   

Flow to the Hu-man Pool.  

Allow “Principle Law” the Rule;

Return to Truth, Salvation’s Tool.


Spiritual Maturity;

Your Soul’s Spirit’s Sacred Duty,

Bring forth the Inner Beauty.


Cleric, Nun, Priest, Pope, Rabbi, Minister;

Sacerdotal Class, avoid more, insincerely Sin-ister!

Greetings, You are Told;

That the One you Fear, watches events Unfold;

Disrobe, To Museums of Antiquity;

Donate the No-Sense Teachings of Iniquity!


None can Intercede;

For the continuing Misdeed;

Ask for Forgiveness from Eden’s Globe;

For Spirit sees the hand beneath your Robe;


Hostilities Cease.  Demand the Peace.

For as humble was your Beginning,

In Nature there is little Joy in Death,

Ahead inevitably awaits the Spirit Breath.


Beyond the Body Dead,

What did you send on Ahead?   


Ask! Ask the Spirit in the Tree,


Truth Has Revealed Life’s Mystery.


Peace to Earth.


Lord, Let Freedom Be!!

“Are there Immortals, Angels or a God?”


Consciousness manifests any many Forms,

On many Levels, the March Fly, you and I;

And those who No Longer Die;

Planets where Consciousness in one Life Span,

May last a Thousands Years of Man.


Interaction with the Higher Spheres,

Of Consciousness, separate from Man,

Overwhelming Evidence to Tell,

Study History, your Own as Well.


Physical Materializations of another Kind,

Beings more Intelligent than the Human kind,

Natural Order in the Great Divine!

Pave the Path, for you to Find.


Proof of Power of Spirit over Physical;

Enough of Skepticism, mindless Cynicism.  


May be, it is too Late,

Will the Angels Shut the Gate?

Were you Loyal to your Mate?

On Razor’s Edge, each now await Their Fate.


Ask, were you Dressed in Riches,

As they Starved there in the Ditches?


Are you black, are you white?

It really does not matter,

Stand for Truth, rise above the chatter.

Get it Right, or Die in Fright.


Pay Attention to the Rhyme,

your World is out of Time.

All will pass beyond the Glass,

For written in the Sand, tomorrow’s Future Close at Hand.


Glorious God - Multi Natured, Multi Faceted, Fragranced;

Matrix Multi Planed, inter-dimensional, Incomprehensible!

Transcendental, Instrumental, Unknowable All-knowing;

Essence, the Soul’s Sought for Presence.  


Celestial Timelessness, Unimaginable,

Ask Ask, Were you Heaven Sent, is the God a Sentient?


God I AM in Thee,  

My God I Adore Thee,  

Where art Thou?  

Is this the Hour?


God, God, God


God a word to Encompass All,

Inexpressible All in All;

Monadic Over Soul of Existence,

Penetrates the Whole.

Some-thing, No-thing, Spirit-thing,

All within!


God in the air Everywhere,

God in Stone and in the Loam,

Spiritual froth upon the Foam,

Eventually all Return, to that Eternal Home.


Religions Separate and Hate,

Material Race now Degenerate,

Desperate, nowhere to Escape, Accumulates its Fate.


Psychic Ramifications of Religion & State,

In Group Consciousness, do Distress Resonate.


Man’s Law & Nuclear State, sold out for Money!


Immortals watch and Wait, No time to hesitate,

Unable by Karma’s decree to alter Action’s Fate.


Radiant, Central, Spiritual sun,

Hidden since your Race Begun;

Shines bright upon humanity,

Awaiting Root Race, Sub Race in Spirituality,

To eventually Evolve and Manifest your Immortality.


Obviously you are Not Alone,

Modern Day Technology cannot carve the Stone;

Re-draw Kimberley's Lemurian Paintings by the Myriad,  

Etchings, Far Older than the Pyramid.


Messages scattered under the sea, across the lands, plainly Say,

Other Races, More Evolved, Earlier came this Way.


Understand, You Are Never Alone!


Spiritual Hierarchy of Ascended Souls,

Numerous Beings, spaces, places, Races, hid from View;

Due to Earthly Stew, This be nothing new.


Traditionally, in History, was no concept of a Creator?

Such Invention came much Later,

Asked Ask, ‘What is God’?  Ask Replied;

“God, the Root of all Existence, from unknown depths of Obscurity the Ethereal Essence or Spirit.”


Brain shrinking, seldom Thinking,

Irrational, Animal man.

In Dimming Shadows Nature’s Pan,

Sense Dual Reflection of the Great I AM.

Unaware of God’s unfolding Plan.


Pause, Absorb, Do you not see, the immaturity,

A Mother’s maternal sorrow, at man's impurity;

Weep, Weep, Weep.  

As you do so u Reap.


After Immortality, Eternity,

So Sensibly today be Free.  


Listen up, Drink from the Cup,

Don’t Follow Me, Be Free and See,

Beyond, Death’s Dogma of Finality.


All the joys the Gods do hold,

Were hidden in you, the Mould;

Shed the Skin from within, Emerge, be now reborn,

Save yourself from the coming Storm.


Be watchful, the Time has Come,

At the setting of the Sun;

Your actions now Determine,

Are you gods or merely Vermin?


When you were there, did you cross the Ocean,

Could you overcome Emotion?

Are you sound, rooted in the Spiritual Ground,

Have you Found?


We were, you were, they were, and here we are,

Together wait the Morning Star.

“Is Religion an Authority?”


“Tell the Children the Truth!”

Jamaican Robert Marley Sang!

“We don’t want No Devil Philosophy!”

Lamenting, pleading Prophecy.


Haunting songs Protest!  

Ask, Yes the time is Right, here another Test.

Oh Children of Earth;

Let the Bells of Freedom Ring.


Freedom, From Religion!

Freedom, from Religion’s Terror.

Freedom, from Religion’s Error.

Respect, not such utter Rot!


Generations programmed not to Ask;

Together overcome Inquisition’s, force fed Superstitions;

Loving pure in Heart, steeled for the mighty Task;

Rise up in Peaceful Powerful Spiritual Revolution;

Criticize all who Lie, lest gloating eyes watch you Die!


Count the Beads, Mumbo Jumbo at a Wall,

Again, responsible for a Civilization’s fall.

Perpetual Victim inflicting Misery,

No Mystery!

Pharaoh’s Hieroglyphics reveal True History.

Oh most Treacherous Priest,

Your Time to Cease.


Desecrate Truth, Love and Beauty;

Rabid Rabies convinced is their Duty.


Religion’s Lobby of Government;

Ceremoniously buried Highest Moral Scripture in Cement.

Sealed off Freedom from your days,

Send you Chasing money in a Daze.


Admonish, Condemn, Condom Them, Condemn;


Condemn every single one of them.

You are programmed to respect;

In order to maintain Spiritual control and Protect;

Erroneous Teachings, Hurtful creed,

Compete, “Divide & Conquer”, be Their Steed!


Zionists of Zionism create the Schism;

Believe a god they did create,

Promised Land, a racist State;

In the middle of a Sovereign Country’s,

Prime Real Estate.  


Slippy, Zippilippi, Schmalz in thinking,

No wonder, from such, a world is Shrinking!


Christianity is Insanity!

Acknowledge at the Altar of Truth;

Religion is Mankind’s great Profanity!

Islam has lost another Hand!


If all Religions are a Scam?

If no Religion represents the great “I Am”?

“It” takes but one humble Man, to stand up and say;

Yes!  “No Religion, is the Way!”

A Race is elevated upon that Day!


Whatever you Think.

If you were taught “How” not “What”,

Can find the time to Think;

Whatever you do, a re-action, returns to you,

Understanding anew, If “I Am” is getting through.


Memory flowing, knowing in the Blood,

Cellular Memory, recalls the tearing of the Bone,

Ongoing Persecution by the State of Rome,

Pedophilia Superdome, Male Society, Nun for Variety!


Three thousand years, Pain, bitter Tears, No Lasting Peace,

Truth Sealed from the Ears;

Boiling wax and bubbling molten lead,

Poured in your ear, your head!

Forget not Thirty years, Eight million dead.


And, in the Inherited Cells of your Incarnation,

Flows Fear, as before birth, memory closed,

Hearts Overflow, Blood Knows.


Mountain Oceans Rise to meet the Sky;

Drowning pounding confounding, pitiful gasps, a cry!

Where Mercy under Hostile Carcinogenic Sun?

Why?  Without her, Life could not have Begun.

Must the innocent also die, Lord, will we really Fry?


Universal unknowable Spiritual Essence,

Principles, be named as God and Law,

Generates, Gestates, Creates each Spiritual Spore.

Seeded from Spiritual soil for you,

Sprouting in this morning’s Dew.


Left to save all too few


Money, Power and Sex, Overcome the Hex;

Christ Light, Enlightenment, will heal the Rest.

There be no Saviour.  Finally it is said, “Simple Truth”.

Seek the way, re-engage, change to Right Behaviour.


No Hesitation.

Ask, is this your Salvation?

A Taste of Budding Truthful Fodder’s Menu;  

Resist these Ingredients of the Earthly Stew.


Herein a Spiritless Recipe, recognize, deserving not Respect.


‘Take one Demon,

Add by Degrees, Limited Institutional Philosophy,

Hollow, emptiness, Spiritless Demon-ocracy,

(It is all about the Money, do you See?)

Insincerely Stir Fry Pope an Emperor Too!


Sprinkle; Celibate Clerics, Symbols and Robes, Towers of Babble, History unravel, a pinch of a Rabid Rabbi or two;

Set in Sand, add Scrolls, Scripture’s Sadistic Agenda, insidiously served to You.  Simmer, add the oil, bring to the boil, spill and kill, expect collateral damage, nothing New!’


For these Imposters you do Toil?

System’s slaves chained, detained, restrained, maimed in Oil!  Orthodox Concrete, under Feet, a Passing Poisonous Priestly mix, brewed slowly in Deceit.


By Revelation’s light, man’s in flight, a Quantum Leap,

Ask bears Ancient Wisdom for Mankind,

Jeweled Fruit sustains Pursuit, of Truth’s Trailing Vine.


Rinse the stains, flush heal the Mind,

No longer Mope.

Tree’s Knowledge Feeding all Renewed Hope.

Smile, we came many a mile, Inhale God’s Fragrance,

Hear the Angels & Ferries Dance!

Birth, Death, Rebirth,

Cycle round the Earth,

Asleep marching to the Curse,

Hitching up the Hearse.


Round and Round you go,

A Fact, Egos refuse to Know.

Too many implications, for such considerations.  


Same since your time Begun!

It’s hardly Fun, Living by the gun.


Behaviour beneath that of Eden’s Elf,

In the main, acting just for that lower undiscovered self.

Spiritual merits may and do Aggregate,

Wealth in lasting Spiritual Treasures, do Substantiate.


Material wealth is to accumulate,

Man’s Burden of the Mortal Fate.

Never knowing, Heaven’s Gate.


One Universe of form and matter,

Earthly Dreams quickly Shatter!


Be no Special Son, no Holy Ghost,

No Christian Hell in which to Roast,

Except here, when they turned the Bread to Toast.

Heaven’s Hells, Nirvanas are in the Mind,

Creations of the human kind,

From the Past which stretches Far Behind.


Human Flock led Astray, Who to Ask?  Every human has an Opinion, who is right?  Where common sense, based upon the Evidence?  To whom to Pray?

Ask, Sri Sunkara, Ask the Tree, What does Spirit Say?

Ongoing Dispensations, for all Earth’s Nations;

Rooted snug and Sound, all around, abound, Firmly Planted in Spirit Ground, Spiritual Truth Points the Way,

No Shifting Rock to Stone the Flock.  

Sense Truth’s Spirit Blossom in the Heart, here now Today.


Feed the millions starving as super Rich do Play,

Erroneous religious teachings fading Away,

Truth at last here to stay!


Allah Akbah, God is Great!

“Allah” all Compassionate & Merciful,

Blessed is the name, “Yawhe” the same.

“Allah Akbah God is Great”, a call to recognize Divine,

Enlightened consciousness, beyond this humankind.


Release Islam from Koran,

Protect Respect all Woman;

In another life, you to a Wife.

From Desert’s Shifting Sands, be God’s Hand.


Religions teach Error, encourage Hate, all Terrible!

A sickly Sacerdotal Class, reprehensible, Indefensible.

Suits & Ties, protect the Lie;

All too Scared, too comfortable to even Try!


Now Focus, heed the Score,

Spiritual Hierarchy and Principle in Law,

Govern all.  Answer to the Spirit’s call.


Ask the ‘I AM’, a Natural Born Heretic!

Truth’s Unorthodox Mind, discovers Naught but Rhetoric,

In Religion’s words, Insincere, Spread Fear and Politically Pedantic.  Disguised in Artificial Eloquence;

Layered under a Veneer of Lesser Intelligence!    


Each creature lives a Life as under glass.


All is observed as all does pass,

Divine mind of the unfathomable Great Spirit,

Overlord of the Spiritual Horde,

Unimaginable, I am overawed.


God, God, God, Beautiful God

Oh my God, My God, how I love Thee

Oh God, God, God

How I Love Thee, My God


God, God, God

How I Love Thee

How I Love Thee

My God

God, God, God.

“Will a Saviour come?”


Did he come down from the Mountain?

Could you hear the crowd a shouting?

Are you waiting?

Were you told from Birth,

My Child, “You will inherit the Earth?”


Do you Believe, robed men don’t Deceive?

Are you really that Naïve?

Seek not Weeds among the Thistles,

Accept Veda’s Knowledge beyond Epistles.


Have you listened to the Prophet?

Perhaps you come to earth for Profit;

Spend your life upon the ground;

Become just another forgotten mound.


Are you waiting there?


Did you rise Again, to Fail,

Not seek the Holy Grail;

Or did you Help Create the Mess?

Have you surpassed the rest?

And conquered every Test?

Did you do your very best?


Later will you cry and cry, did you Try?

Are you a Spirit from Afar,

Space Race or passing Fallen Star?

Now you know, YES you can grow,

Old age or at Death’s page, know Life awaits,

Be not shocked, when Death is mocked.


Will you live a life in Vain;

Continue denying why you came?

Ask to join the noisy mob,

Praying to some fancied god?


Who heard the Voice?

Over and over, Race after Race;

“Spiritual Consciousness” of a Root Race,

Determines blockage versus acceptance,

Of the Basic Fact, How ego does react;

Denying Truth of your Personal Survival,

Complete aware, revival upon Arrival!


No Saviour except your past, present Good Behaviour.

Say “It” over and over again and again and again;

Finally Ancient Truths Retain!


You had always the choice,

No longer deny the inner Voice!

Candid is as Candid is, only you to blame.

If Truth you are to shame;

No matter what the name.


Ask how did you respect the Earth,

Ask will you need another Birth?

And ask when you’re gone, will it be how long?

Ask will you return, will you burn?


Racked for some imagined Sacerdotal’s Sin,

When there, did you rise above the din?

Have you used your dormant brain,

To ensure you don’t return again,

To the passing pain of Earth’s Domain?


Can you remember past September,

When you heaved at the smell of Death,

As you struggled for a breath?

Did they tear you limb from limb,

Peel you from your skin?


Did they give you to the Fire,

Because your Heart it did Desire,

Desire meaning?  The Truth beyond the Grave.

Know you will survive and still Alive.


In consequence we must behave,

Knowing reaction of “The Cosmic Law” to every action.

The Spirit in you is brave, older than your guess;

Path ahead, pass each Test, Home at last, time for Rest.  


With empowered Knowledge Ask and all together save,

From Dogma’s silent slave.


Hidden Truth, entombed by Fire and Mace,

Play your Ace.  This be truth, Truth be, you be Free.


Intelligent Life, look at you from afar;

Blindly desecrating where you Are.

Soul, so Saddened, Distanced by all Material,

Country after country, unaware Spiritual Ethereal.


Spirit Prophesied, Returned at Last,

I AM a Pilgrim from the Past.

You are your Saviour, Don’t Follow Me,

Love Truth as God in Action is the Repeated Plea.


A Word of Truth,

Through me to Thee, From a Sacred Tree;

On this day October twenty nine,

A Love Rhyme for Planet Earth, my Valentine.


If you would Mature beyond money and Grow,

And work hard to Spirit Know,

Spiritual Reality, is Lasting Sanity, is Very Real;

Herein Spiritual Hierarchy’s Willing Approval Seal.


Save Self, Learn Veda’s eight- fold path,

Let “Vedanta's Gita”, set in Meter,

Clarify Mahabaharata’s Bhagavad-Gita!

If ‘Vedanta” be your Teacher,

Direct path to the Source,

From whence all Religions Sprang.


Sacha, Kansa Kirriyang.  Stay, smell that Rose,

Now Dharma, Karmic Law does Dispose.

For Dharma, Practice “Karma Yoga”, Love in Action;

Will returns only good Reaction.


You can find the Nerve,

Reach out, Humanity to Serve.  Pay attention,

Earn a Mention, Escape Earth Bound Detention!


Loyalty to the Higher Self,

To one’s Mate, to ‘The Law”,

Truth your Ascension in Godliness,

Empowered in Knowledge of Spiritual Principle & Law.


Whilst subjugating to the Whole,

Truth in Action, set the role, be the Guiding Goal.


Do what Ask asks to do, not what You Want to Do!

Think “It” through, every Hour ask it Now,

Is this what the gods would have me Do?

Simply said, “Do Unto Others”, do it Now do not Delay.

"The Tree of Knowledge, The Law of Karma.”


When you leave Again,

Contents of the Higher Brain retain.

The Human mind, that is of Spirit Kind,

Alive after Death, True Death is on Return, memory closed.

You lost your Mind!


No greater Truth for you to Find!


Ask, Where the Higher Self!

It feels through Eyes that read,

Sense Organs unseen by you, do Lead.

Transcendental, Instrumental.

Transcendent Thread,

The Spiritual You, this Higher Self,

Connected via Astral Plane to Earth’s Domain,

Does Survive this Mortal Animal Self!


Released when you are deceased,

From Nature’s Temporal Host feel Relief,

In a Transfer Recovery Hospital,

Or Standing Straight Again!

Not to complain, say good-by to the Pain.


There are no Dead!

Get this Fact in the Head, It is Plainly said!

Ask, You are as Promised Risen,

Found Freedom from Religions' Prison.


The Law of Karma described in the Ode,

Action & Reaction is the Karmic Mode.


Thought & Action of Today,

Past, present, as you Create your Way.

Personality Survival after Death,

Enhanced Awareness, without in-out Breath.


Your Ego tells you so,

Illegitimate Religions used and abuse that Know.

You continued on unaware,

Lights On, You really Need to Care.


All do survive, in Life’s Continuum, past Death, Alive!

Horror, Comes the mighty Shock,

The Reality you allowed to block.

Tired, Fed Up, Worn Out, Blown Up, all Regenerate,

Re Born in Another longer, Temporary State.


Consequences Cause and Effect will Direct,

The loss of Personality after a Learning Time,

Fading, dimming, asleep, returning, all Sublime;

Spiritual Sub Race, route of the human kind.


Survival then, Return Again, and Again and Again.


Here, there, or Another Earth, another Birth,

Could you be, would you be gentle and mild,

Would you enter the Silence?

Could you do away with violence,

Knowing you may be,

Great or great, Great Grandchild?


Meekly create your Future State,

Be assured this Truly is your Fate.

With Materials from the East Religions Plagiarized,

Filled your head with Deliberate Lies.


All Truth removed from Release;

In order Priestly Power Increase!

Hid, used, abused, stole, burnt Earlier Scripture,

Denied Medicine for Life’s pain to Ease;

Denied Knowledge past Deceased.


All present born in a Temporal State,

Live, Gestate, Awaken in a Temporal State,

Human Nature's Basic Truth in Books burnt or banned to You.  Fueled, Fooled, Fed the power of the Few.

Think, This does makes sense, no longer ignore the Evidence,

Collective Memory of the Race knows as Common Place.  Have we all been Dense?


In the past, you and I,

In our heart, dwelt a Knowing Lie.

We did Depend, upon the Story of a Friend,

Of a Make Believe Saviour, to get us off the Hook;

Gullible Myth now Disrobed,

All is disclosed.


By the Law of Karma,

For you, there is no Religious Saviour,

Spiritual Reality says, Accept your right Behaviour,

Accountability, Consequence at the passing No defense!


No Devil, Except in detail, No cross, no loss no Nail.


Truth’s Cup the Holy Grail,

A Christ Consciousness, Divine Wisdom, Inhale!

Make the Move, Release the Error,

Take back control, Expel religions' Terror.


Torturer’s now Transparent; Do not Confess,

You are there, you made the Mess.

Together clean it up, Disarm Nuclear Stress;  

Drink Truth, and only the Truth from this Love Cup.


Rabbi, Cleric, Priest;

Sacrificially upon Man's Faith did Feast.

Rabbi, Cleric, Priest;



You are Disrobed, reveal your Naked Soul,

Sanctimonious Sold out, Corrupt, Hypocrites,

And insincere Ghouls, a few Emotionally of Good Intention.

No Authority.  No Mandate.

No god of their Invention.


There be no Chosen Race, no Selective Few;

Discriminates not the Evening Dew.


Give back the Gold you Stole,

Give back the Land,

And the Spirits of the Souls died at your Hand;

Or was it by Right Regal Royal Command?  


Enrich the Poor.

Feed the Hungry, Knocking at the Door,

Afore your self, Feed the Higher Self.


The time is Right, mankind Unite but not in Fright.

There be no god above, showering all with Love,

Presence and Essence, does not equate to He;

One day in time and on time,


It is Really up to Thee.


Ask and herein the Key.


Find that Elusive Time, Study every Day,

Religions' lie, toss away,

Eternal Truth, here to stay,

Meditate, create, clean the slate, Affirm.


No man made god or any Son of a god,

Not one, No not one Religion is Legitimate.

Anthropomorphic gods, the gods man Invent,

Serve and Suit Control, or made by past Government.


He gods, after the Image of a Man?

Yes, in the past and in the future, Not Now!

The gods are of man, not of God.

There be many gods.


There be but one God, it is not a He.

There is no god.  God in me is in Thee,

And In the Tree,

And a Spiritual Hierarchy, of Infinite Degree.


An individual Single Being,

Well how Demeaning!

A Divine Incomprehensible Majesty beyond Intellect,  

We bow low with Awesome Respect.


Holy Bibles full of Holes,

Transcribed, Plagiarized, Borrowed Scrolls,

Re-written by Priest, Rabbi, Scribe;

Spiritual Power to Control the Tribe.


Religion's shameful gross Iniquity,

Long buried Divinity, in an atrocious Antiquity.

Erroneous teachings meant to Divide,

As Truth they immorally hide,

Count the Money, on the Side.


A Universe based on Moral Law,

A Monadic Over-Soul at the Core;

Religion's State does Ignore,

Higher Teachings survived from way Before.  


Cause and Effect, consequence inevitable, under Karma Law.  Religions did brain tame, Clearly see the nasty game,

See the past, from whence you Came; Know the Future be the Same?  No, the future will be the Winning Game.


The Status Quo, must surely Go,

Now remove the Tyrant's Power,

This, Truth’s God's Given Hour.

So Be It!

“Prophecy for mankind?”


Truth, clerics, priests, rabbis try to Lock,

Her Secrets, that you will unlock;

Printed in the Mason’s Block,

Long under Earth on Solid rock,

There be, a Shepherd for the Flock.


Will you Lead, Prepare to Bleed,

Find Spiritual Strength in Victory,

For all to see?

Ask, Ask a Question, this be the Prophecy.


Darwin’s great Grand Parent was not an Ape,

They evolved from Human Shape.

Man plays god, Scientists Experiment,

Again, today, to your detriment.


What, Who, AM I?  

I AM in the Sky,

In the water, in the air,

I AM, Everywhere!


Mind Dilemmas, Answers for Humanity,

All found in Spiritual Ground of Spiritual Reality.

In Living Ground, Your Truth Sound,

Be Spiritual Reality.  Changeless, Timeless, Eternal,

You are Spiritual Seeing Being in a Spirit Kernel.


As the Lotus in the Mud,

Your Budding Jewel is in the Blood;

Sacred at the Final Hour,

Bursting forth an Immortal Flower.


Brahma, Brahman is the ‘All in All’,

Lasting, Surviving beauty’s Truthful Shawl,

Buddha – Christ Ascended Wisdom, time to Learn,

Christian Soldiers no longer Burn.


Gaze upon Earth’s Harvest Moon,

Coming to you, really Soon.

In the Heavens another Moon,

Human Race on Earth will Know!


Truth in Spirit’s word does Flow.

Words alone do not convince,

Scheming Wolves who Wince.

Tyrant Wolves flee to the nearest Den;

Terrified of a Truthful Pen,

Tyrants pen you up as Sheep,

Programmed to stay Asleep.


Vedanta’s chanter tells Nostradamus has Moved on,

Asked Ask, Ask Sri Sunkara to Chant a Gita Song.

Lady Shipton gave the Time, Truth's Melody is in the Rhyme.


Nostradamus had his Day,

Passed Sword’s word, Cutting Edge this Way.

Sunkara has the Tongue,

Spiritual Teaching has Begun,

Karma has Them on the Run.


Prophecy flowing in the Tree in Me, in Thee,

Mountain Man does clearly See.


Read the Message in the Stone,

Absolute Proof you’re not Alone!

Symbolic messages from the Past,

Warning of a Coming Solar Blast.


World War Three, slipped by Thee,

Blood soaked sand, no god does Demand, Atrocity!

All lost to Amorality,

Rewritten self serving Sophistry.


World war Four on the Wind,

Unless Sate & Religion immediately Rescind!


Zionism, Communism, Capitalism,

Racialism, Terrorism, Catholicism, Cataclysm?  


Try Altruism.


Science Impurely Physical,

Reveals not the Invisible, can’t find Spirit in a Vial.

Balance in new use of Earth’s Material,  

Manifest, study Spiritual, acquire a new Daily Ritual.


Imbalance, deny the Invisible, refuse the visible Dangers?

Earth Changes,

Ocean Floor to Mountain Ranges;

Earth will burn, Oceans churn,

And now, Whose Turn?

Scorched Meat, Mutants running in the Street.


In Consideration,

Of every Nation,

Hope, Justice, Compassion,

Now Demonstrate in every Action.


Ask, Asks, Were you the God,

Would you spare the Race the Rod?


A Spiritual Human Sub Race,

Responsible for Such Behaviour,


Why send Another Saviour?

“Who am I?”


Variety in the Hu-man Form,

Seven Sexes is the Norm!

Three recognized by Gender Physically,

And that includes Androgyny!


Common Gender Heterosexual Male and Female,

But Sexuality has a longer Tale.

Four by Sexual Preference please do see,

Remnants, of your own Hidden History.

Remainder of evolving natural human Sexuality.


Female Male, Dominant Male;

Male Female, Dominant Female;

Members of the Human Family,

Who share your Trail.

All Souls experience over time;

Every aspects of your Race’s kind!


If you be addicted to Hebrew,

You may return in a Palestine made by You!

A thousand Journeys man does not recall.

Soul remembers All.


If you live a Life justifying hurt and Pain;

Law says you will get the Same.

“Live by the Sword’, once was the word,

“Do unto Others”, concepts to be Heard!


Ask your known self, named as you, self;

Who am I?  

Is this my lasting Self?

Do I know my Higher Eternal Spiritual Self?  

Is that it back upon the Shelf?


Ask the Higher Self the Questions now,

Ahimsa, Please release the Holy Cow!

My Earth Mother India;

May the Gods of your choice, guide you from Enigma.


Oh Spirit-man, now Hu-man,

Once Star-man, Peter Pan;

Be you inhuman nature Animal Man,

Demi god or Religion’s Devil,

Ancient Wisdom, Karma’s Truth stays the Level.

Hermaphrodite is the Tree, the Fish, the Plant,

Where in Between,   

Do you Lean?  

You know what we mean!


Civilizations Rise and Fall,

You have Lived through them All.

My Friends this One’s against the Wall.

Are you ready for the call?


Where you are, is a grain of Dust from a Distant Star.


Ask, "Ask" who ‘You’ are.

Gaze upon a closing Star,

Knowing ‘What’ you are,

And will become, at the Final Setting of the Sun.


All have the Basic Tool,

Honestly, Honour the Golden Rule.

“Do unto Others, all are Brothers”.


Follow no One, Balance Faith,

Ask self, with each action,

What will be the gods’ reaction?


You certainly Will change Again,

Hu-man Metamorphose is the Name.

Higher Principles' Cosmic Law,

No Earthly Human can evade, Ignore.


Responsibility, Accountability,

One day Immortality,

In Physical Spiritual Reality.


Institutions did and do Deceive,

The Total Sum you do Believe.

And all Adds up to Naught.

All what you’re Taught,

Do absorb this Thought.


Superstition Dogma’s Code,

When exposed to Light does Erode.


Religion and State,

Insidiously do Dictate,

What you can or can’t Investigate.


Conceal pre-history's earlier Date.


Zoroaster, six hundred years Before,

Iliad of Grecian Trojan War,

Prior to Zarathustra too;

On air, no Oil as you Do,

Developed Civilizations, Transport Flew.


Know without Doubt, Religion’s State,

Does cunningly dictate;

Limits choices You can make,

Higher Civilization needs not the State.


Rise up Resist it is your Fate,

They have tried to Close the Gate;

Directing you, what, when, how to relate,

Denying Truth above the State.


At School Truth you do not Learn;

Ancient Lasting Wisdoms, Lost books they did Burn.

Setting Limits to Minimize your Reach;

Ancient Physical History stops at Greece,

Ten Billion years, from you did Fleece.


Knowledge, Spiritual Reality, Life, Beyond the Grave.

Ask’s Teachings provide an Educated path to Brave.

Knowledge of Ancient Wisdom, a Spiritual Kingdom Come.  Higher Beings, Natural Law, I AM Truth and Love,

Malignant Minds of a Priestly Kind hid from You,

Spiritual Glue that Anchors you.


Language in Symbols to Translate,

Original Sanskrit, Aryan does predate.


In Original Sanskrit from Before,

Lost in Translation, now hidden Spiritual Law,

Kept for the Few, by Swami Guru.

Again Truth is Denied you as before,

Acknowledge Ancient Wisdom and Karmic Drum,

Come Explore!


Adamic, Aryan, Asesian,

Atlantean, Lemurian, Orphidian,

Indian, Persian, Akkadian,

Chaldean, Mazdean, Murian, Mu Yes You!


Scandanavian, Assyrian,

Caralian, Summarian;


Aztec, Inca, Mayan, Mexican.

Arabian, Palestinian, Babylonian,

Ohaman, Grecian, Roman,

Early Egyptian.

A Short Selection, in recent Inscription.


You Were There!


Many Civilizations, not a Few,

Were not the gods Designed by you?


Ancient Wisdom in Lives forgot,

Lost in time, Survivors from Science, did Roam, or Rot.

Numerous Relationships, no different to your Own.

No sense of How or What you've Known;

Memory in Mind be closed, however Heart Aches for the Spiritual Home.


Brahman, Buddhism, Paganism, Agnostism,

Spiritualism, Churchism, Modernism;

Countless gods, Saviours, Godesses,

Fifty Recorded Virgin Births, in recent History;

Philosophy, Theosophy, Theology, Theocracy,

Confusion Reigns, Religion Ideology!


Civilizations, Cultures, Creeds,

Religions’ priests Create the Needs,

Pious planting Superstitions’ Seeds.

Gold Greedy for Material Worth,

Buried Spirit asunder Beneath the Earth.


Angel worlds, Life on a Myriad of Stars,

You are a Spiritual Being, connected by the Spleen,

To a Vibrating Physical Dream,

Resonating, Rotating to the Unfolding Plan.


Temporal, Mortal, a Leaf, I AM.

“You Shall Be Healed.”


Life is!  You are. You, accountable, answerable,

Reality unavoidable, no escape,

Accept this Spiritual God Luck Break,

Spiritual Healing a Soul to Gently shake, Awake.

The Sum of life's actions, is all you take.


Message is, “Get it Straight, It’s getting Late!”

Timelessness a godly State,

Human time, Mortal date.


“Ask” Does Affirm you complete the task,

Given Truth, to save one from the Past.

“It” for you, is not too Late.

Proof lies in this Slate,

You will realign your fate.  


Be the Nations Blessed,

By thy Presence,

Oh, Eternal Luminous Essence

Shining through, Bless us, Caress Us, Forgive Us,


By Mighty Creation’s Grace,

Spirit maintains this Human Race;

Faith founded in Fact, makes us worthy,

To Love and Serve all Humanity ceaselessly.


A Godly Will be done,

The Kingdom's come,

On Earth as in the Heavens of Ideal,

Affirm Truth does Evil seal!


Be joyful now, fulfill the Hour,

In Spiritual grace, Cosmic Beings observe a Race.


This the day, to stand and proudly Say,

I am Free & Spiritually Sound, Spiritually Found,

Truth’s Wisdom quite Profound.   


My feet firm on solid ground,

I am Stronger and am living longer.

I do See and can Hear much to ponder over Yonder,

Risen from the Ash, in “Ask”, renewed Understanding.


A Sacred Spiritual Landing,

Soul’s Spirit now reclaim Forbidden Truth’s Sound Standing;

In the Eternity, in Spiritual Reality, there be no Finality.


Selah! So be it.  


So it is. Sri Sunkara Sankaaracharya

“Who am I?”


Variety in the Hu-man Form,

Seven Sexes is the Norm!

Three recognized by Gender Physically,

And that includes Androgyny!


Common Gender Heterosexual Male and Female,

But Sexuality has a longer Tale.

Four by Sexual Preference please do see,

Remnants, of your own Hidden History.

Remainder of evolving natural human Sexuality.


Female Male, Dominant Male;

Male Female, Dominant Female;

Members of the Human Family,

Who share your Trail.

All Souls experience over time;

Every aspects of your Race’s kind!


If you be addicted to Hebrew,

You may return in a Palestine made by You!

A thousand Journeys man does not recall.

Soul remembers All.


If you live a Life justifying hurt and Pain;

Law says you will get the Same.

“Live by the Sword’, once was the word,

“Do unto Others”, concepts to be Heard!


Ask your known self, named as you, self;

Who am I?  

Is this my lasting Self?

Do I know my Higher Eternal Spiritual Self?  

Is that it back upon the Shelf?


Ask the Higher Self the Questions now,

Ahimsa, Please release the Holy Cow!

My Earth Mother India;

May the Gods of your choice, guide you from Enigma.


Oh Spirit-man, now Hu-man,

Once Star-man, Peter Pan;

Be you inhuman nature Animal Man,

Demi god or Religion’s Devil,

Ancient Wisdom, Karma’s Truth stays the Level.


Hermaphrodite is the Tree, the Fish, the Plant,

Where in Between,   

Do you Lean?  

You know what we mean!


Civilizations Rise and Fall,

You have Lived through them All.

My Friends this One’s against the Wall.

Are you ready for the call?


Where you are, is a grain of Dust from a Distant Star.


Ask, "Ask" who ‘You’ are.

Gaze upon a closing Star,

Knowing ‘What’ you are,

And will become, at the Final Setting of the Sun.


All have the Basic Tool,

Honestly, Honour the Golden Rule.

“Do unto Others, all are Brothers”.


Follow no One, Balance Faith,

Ask self, with each action,

What will be the gods’ reaction?


You certainly Will change Again,

Hu-man Metamorphose is the Name.

Higher Principles' Cosmic Law,

No Earthly Human can evade, Ignore.


Responsibility, Accountability,

One day Immortality,

In Physical Spiritual Reality.


Institutions did and do Deceive,

The Total Sum you do Believe.

And all Adds up to Naught.

All what you’re Taught,

Do absorb this Thought.


Superstition Dogma’s Code,

When exposed to Light does Erode.


Religion and State,

Insidiously do Dictate,

What you can or can’t Investigate.

Conceal pre-history's earlier Date.


Zoroaster, six hundred years Before,

Iliad of Grecian Trojan War,

Prior to Zarathustra too;

On air, no Oil as you Do,

Developed Civilizations, Transport Flew.


Know without Doubt, Religion’s State,

Does cunningly dictate;

Limits choices You can make,

Higher Civilization needs not the State.


Rise up Resist it is your Fate,

They have tried to Close the Gate;

Directing you, what, when, how to relate,

Denying Truth above the State.


At School Truth you do not Learn;

Ancient Lasting Wisdoms, Lost books they did Burn.

Setting Limits to Minimize your Reach;

Ancient Physical History stops at Greece,

Ten Billion years, from you did Fleece.


Knowledge, Spiritual Reality, Life, Beyond the Grave.

Ask’s Teachings provide an Educated path to Brave.

Knowledge of Ancient Wisdom, a Spiritual Kingdom Come.  Higher Beings, Natural Law,

I AM Truth and Love,

Malignant Minds of a Priestly Kind hid from You,

Spiritual Glue that Anchors you.


Language in Symbols to Translate,

Original Sanskrit, Aryan does predate.


In Original Sanskrit from Before,

Lost in Translation, now hidden Spiritual Law,

Kept for the Few, by Swami Guru.

Again Truth is Denied you as before,

Acknowledge Ancient Wisdom and Karmic Drum,

Come Explore!


Adamic, Aryan, Asesian,

Atlantean, Lemurian, Orphidian,

Indian, Persian, Akkadian,

Chaldean, Mazdean, Murian, Mu Yes You!


Scandanavian, Assyrian,

Caralian, Summarian;

Aztec, Inca, Mayan, Mexican.

Arabian, Palestinian, Babylonian,

Ohaman, Grecian, Roman,

Early Egyptian.

A Short Selection, in recent Inscription.


You Were There!


Many Civilizations, not a Few,

Were not the gods Designed by you?


Ancient Wisdom in Lives forgot,

Lost in time, Survivors from Science, did Roam, or Rot.

Numerous Relationships, no different to your Own.

No sense of How or What you've Known;

Memory in Mind be closed, however Heart Aches for the Spiritual Home.


Brahman, Buddhism, Paganism, Agnostism,

Spiritualism, Churchism, Modernism;

Countless gods, Saviours, Godesses,

Fifty Recorded Virgin Births, in recent History;

Philosophy, Theosophy, Theology, Theocracy,

Confusion Reigns, Religion Ideology!


Civilizations, Cultures, Creeds,

Religions’ priests Create the Needs,

Pious planting Superstitions’ Seeds.

Gold Greedy for Material Worth,

Buried Spirit asunder Beneath the Earth.


Angel worlds, Life on a Myriad of Stars,

You are a Spiritual Being, connected by the Spleen,

To a Vibrating Physical Dream,

Resonating, Rotating to the Unfolding Plan.


Temporal, Mortal, a Leaf, I AM.

Sri Sunkara      

© 2002/2009 Higher Spiritualism All Rights Reserved.

“I Am Leaf”

I Am but a Leaf,

Floating in a Pond;

Moving with the Wave,

Ripples make a Sway.


Are you Duck,

Calm above,

Pedal Fast below?

Across Pond ripples Flow.


Are you the Swan,

Swimming in your Lake of Heart;

Always Together,

Never Apart?


Are you Pebble,

Physical Instant Splash?

Calm pond, fell Beyond.


I Am Leaf.

Fallen, Rising with the Tide;

Truth Informed Belief,

Beneath feet of Human kind.


I AM Leaf.

I know not to mind.


I know what man Does Not?

I know from What Tree came I.

I am Leaf,

Fluttering from the sky


Multi Coloured, Multi Odoured,

Feed a Thousand Life Forms;

Canopy to the Earthly Dorm,

Without me, you be not Born.


I AM Leaf.

Returning to the Soil, not to be your Oil.

Awakening, from in the Tree;

Another Birth in Earth awaits Thee.


Eventually, Spiritual Reality, Immortality.



Be no tree, break law, Ruin Eden's Land,

Karma comes, Nature's Pan.


I AM Leaf.

Disturb me not,

Nice, Snug Spiritual Ground,

Survived, Did Not Rot.


Humble Grub,

Feeds on Me,

Harm not the Tree.

Grub becomes the Moth,

Repetitively Nakedness Dons Cloth.


When you Return,

If all Trees do Burn,

There be no Leaf,

Beneath your naked feet.


Only stinging Sand,

By Karmic Law, Demand,

Destiny Fulfill in Future state;

Desecrate Mother Land,

Mortal is the Human Band.


Gods call in Verse,


"It Will Get Worse"


I AM Spirit was in a Tree,

Where on Earth,

An Attachment be?


I am in Spirit,

I am mighty Pan,

Driven earlier from the Land.


I AM Spirit of the Leaf,

Slowly sinking, Sad Bereath


Where rests Gentle Spirit, on Man's Domain?


Man knows not, man's the Same,

as Grub, a Moth, a Grub Again.


Ten thousand Times,

Spirit enters as Butterfly;

Evolving Colours at & of every dye,

Brilliance, Description does Defy.


I AM no thing,


I Have no name,

Aware Consciousness,

Spiritual Essence.


I AM individualized as Me,

In the Tree;

As Thee.

As grub, moth, Butterfly;

Spirit Spore in You and I.


I AM Leaf,

Rest in me,

For at the end,

All be Feed for Me.


I AM Leaf upon,

Eden's Pond.

I AM Leaf.


Correct Belief,

Spiritual Reality,

Leads to Immortality,

Consistency, a Continuity.

I am leaf,

One Veda from the Mighty Tree.


Ageless Wisdom Abides in me.

Truth imbued within Tree,

Await your Destiny.

Stay the axe,

Know the Facts.

When you return,

What will you Burn?

On planes of Ice,

Greed Created, rolled her Dice.


You will Inherit what you sow,

Shame, allow the Tree to grow,

I Am Leaf.

Look within;

I contain your Medicine,

I Am Leaf,

Awake Asleep,

At rest Beneath pond so Deep.


I Am Leaf.



I AM that I AM, I AM.

I AM the Presence,

I AM the Essence.



I AM within all Man!


Sri Sunkara


© 2002/2009 Higher Spiritualism All Rights Reserved.



PLEASE VISIT                                            



Sri Sunkara Sankaracharya is the Reference!


In the institutional world of the academic, all papers, essays and writings must REFERENCE the author's source to validate and support any claim or statement by the author.


Sri Sunkara is a Spiritual Philosopher and Theosopher and claims inspiration direct from the Divine Source and accordingly Higher Spiritualism gives no references to support any statement of Sri Sunkara.  Sri Sunkara is the REFERENCE for the modern world of Institutionalized Academia to refer to. Not for Religious teaching, for Spiritual Teaching, Revelation & Ancient Wisdom.


The controversial author of AIDS - "Agency Induced Death Sentence," holds nothing back, in the simple poetry and prose of the Veda, ASK - "Were You There?"


Sri Sunkara has no side agenda, no mortal ally.  He holds no specific group in awe, is not affiliated with anyone and speaks directly to the issues, which affect us all, issues no one is prepared to write about, let alone publish.  Truthfully, candidly, Sunkara speaks out where none have dared to tread. One's family, one's friends, associates, be they social, religious or business in their networking and constant interaction, prohibit the freedom for unfettered pursuit of Truth, there is no time.


People become caught up in the need for money and the physical and emotional needs in order to survive and are often burdened with the demands of family, and cultural expectation.  


Sri Sankacharya, having experienced all of mankind's cultures retired to the cave, so to speak, rarely to emerge as the Spiritual Vedanta 2000 was prepared.  


Protected by and travelling with immediate family, lived isolated from social interaction Sri Sunkara overcame the diversity of life's obstacles on the Spiritual path, maintained a family, and brought forth the Cup for all to drink.   


The Spiritual Mission for mankind individually and collectively is the Self-upliftment of the race.  Civilization needs an honest, pure, Spiritual Religious Philosopher and renewed understanding.


The author encourages the reader to maintain an open mind, to consider ancient concepts presented, not as new ideas, but as Truths self evident, overwhelming in enormity, which will lead to positive change and eventually, a New Social Order.  


This upcoming New Social Order is based on Divine Principle, Universal Law and Truth, with physical evidence available to all humankind to support the validity of the claims, the Authority of the Source.  The Divine Principles in action, which dictate the Rules of behaviour in this New Social Order, are rooted in Universal Law.


It is timely to unburden the race from the shackles of Dogmatic Religious State.



The Author remains Anonymous for the Protection of his Family.  Religion is a Taboo subject, lest it be disrobed under Truth’s Pervasive Light.


A European born in a time of War, survived War, son of a Commander of the British Empire, traveled four score years and more in Life’s Global University.  Studied, obtained Degrees, Doctorates, Minister of Religion, Metaphysics, in a search for Spiritual Truth in all Religions, and Philosophies, current and past.


As a Youth he traveled in the Astral Realms at night, prior to sleep, leaving the Body, and returning, experienced phenomena and memory prior to Birth.  The experiences were forgotten, not to be discussed, a dual life followed, Finance, Business and later the financial demands of a young family.


In 1975 in California, while a Taxation Consultant, the Author, asked three mathematical Questions of Mark, the first born son, to test his adding or subtracting ability, seeking a zero as a final Answer.  


The Questions the Father asked of Mark, then three years of age were:


First Question, “What number comes before three?”  Response, “Two Daddy.”  Next question,   “What was your Brother before be was one?”  Response: “He was a Spirit”, the Last Question, “What was Your Brother doing as a Spirit”, Response: “Matthew was waiting for Mummy to make him a Body!”  


The response ignited a Search for an Answer to Life’s basic Question.  My wife and I spent several million Dollars and the next thirty seven years following a Spiritual Path of Discovery.


“Does mortal human consciousness exist prior to Birth?  Does the human personality survive Death of the Physical body?  How to prove it?”


Followed a life of Asking, Searching and seeking cold hard evidence, for and to the unpopular Questions.


We researched Kiliarian Photography, with Dr. Thelma Moss in 1974/1975, the existence of an Astral Body separate to the Physical through which the Lasting Spiritual Being connects.  Floating Trumpets, Levitation, Spirit Return via Ectoplasm, Apportation, and Full body Physical Materialization of the so called Dead.


As Scientists of the Paranormal we studied the World’s most Scientifically tested Physical Phenomena Medium and Spiritual Lessons given and recorded at the time of Materializations from the World of Spirit.


The Answer is Yes.  In the cold analytical surrounding of Laboratory and Government Agents, it was proved that for a time Personality survives death, the existence of a Non physical world, the power of Spirit over Matter and the possibility of communication with a Higher Intelligence from that Spirit World.


Having experienced all of mankind's cultures the Author retired to the cave, so to speak, rarely to emerge as the “Spiritual Vedanta – 2000” was prepared; the ‘Bhagavad Gita” of the Twenty First Century.  


Protected by and traveling with immediate family, they lived in thirty five houses in thirty years.  The author, then went into a Mountain Retreat, isolated from social interaction, he struggled to overcome the diversity of life's obstacles on the Spiritual path, maintained a family, and brought forth the Cup for all to drink.   


The Message is, Truth may not be confined to a Religion or a man made god.

 Ask presents Concepts which have eluded clear expression for thousands of years.


Where did the race originate?  


Why are we here?  


Does Human personality survive the Death of the Body?


Where will we be after Death?  What is the purpose of the life experience?  


What to believe?  


Who has the Truth?  


Ask the Spirit in the Tree, “What is the Correct Philosophy”?  


From the Deep, a Spiritual Insight into the History, Philosophy, Religions and State of the human Race.  A Living Testament for mankind and the search for the Godhead, Truth unfettered.


Sri Sunkara states as his Disclaimer, "ASK”, is not for the timid, or the easily offended.  It is not the intent to give offence, however the contents are outside of one's Educational experience, beyond Orthodox, Institutional Teachings.  


The reader is WARNED not to proceed further unless prepared for change.  The contents, suitable for all ages may be disturbing to the Soul avoiding change, particularly if the belief system rests upon the shifting sands of Religion's Dogma & Sophistry.


The Biblical Saviour taught, "Seek the Truth", Mahatma Ghandi taught, "Hang on to Truth", Sri Sunkara is the Spiritual Philosopher of the age.  Sri Sunkara delivers, “Here the Truth to set you Free.”


Spiritual Revelation or VEDA from Sri Sunkara is firmly rooted in the rock of Spiritual Wisdom, seeded in the Spiritual Ground of Spiritual Reality.


In 1976 the first Chapter of the Movement for Social Change - "Higher Spiritualism" was established in Orange County, California by Sri Sunkara.  In 1996 the first Chapter in the Pacific Islands of Vanuatu and the Continent of Australia was established also.


In 1998 the creation of the wonderful Internet Web site,, which provides a free 24-hour Public Spiritual Education Service.  


In 2003 Mother Africa opened her Heart in Uganda.      


Sunkara acknowledges the unconditional Love of his Soul-Mate, and the continued faith and support of their two sons over the past and recent thirty years.


Part of Sunkara's Spiritual Mission set by his example, is to illustrate for all who would seek the Truth with conviction and purity, the Quest, the Hope, the Spiritual Reality of Immortality.

“ASK –The Tree of Knowledge –Were You There?"




“Poet, Prophet, Laureate of the Age”; Searing Words Scorched on every Page!  “Ask”, is a mind expanding Spiritual Journey across the pages of History; past, recent, present and the Future to come.


“ASK – The Tree of Knowledge – Were you There?”  Sri Sunkara, a Spiritual Philosopher asks Eighteen Questions of the Spirit within the Sacred Tree of Knowledge; the Spirit responds in Leaves, known as Vedas.  Each Leaf contains a Spiritual Response; the Answer to any asked, unasked or unaskable Question. The Tree of Knowledge releases the Leaves in a refreshing, healing, Poetic form.


Words Shimmer, Shake, Vibrate and Resonate, one Line after another the Reader does Relate!  “Words Red Hot Lava Flow, In Every Ear Will Go, Hear a Menacing Rumble, Material Civilizations Crumble.”  


A World on the Brink of Nuclear War, turmoil, brother killing brother, a civilization in tatters while Politicians, Banks and Churches, continue their worn out hollow, chattering, mind numbing Natter!


The Human Race urgently needs, a Spiritual Perspective outside the Square, outside the circle of Religion, State and Money.  Where is there an Authority for Truth? What is the Truth we have lost that has mankind on the Run? Where are the Answers to, Who, Where, What, When, Why, and How?  The Answer! They are Here and Now!


Topical!  A Display Table Conversation Must, “Ask,” the Western Bhagava Gita, a Poem for the Age, bringing forth Spiritual Truths denied a Race, guaranteed to affect the Reader.


Shocking, Spiritual Revelation.  Amazing Prophecy. Orthodox Religions stripped naked before Universal Truth.  Ancient Wisdom concealed, now revealed. Be Warned the Candid Answers herein to man’s quandaries may not be popular!


Intuitive, insightful, clairvoyant: expression of concepts, ideas, experiences and Emotions, in a style that is beyond ordinary commonplace speech or prose; stunningly, substantially more powerful.  


Spiritual Philosophy in Vedic form; traditionally, a rhythmical composition, a deliberate arrangement of words, written or spoken to convey, to communicate, to summarize the Universal to Simplistic.


Experience a concentrated delivery in Creative, Imaginative, Impacting, Flowing, Captivating, Thought provoking Word Pictures – brings forth the Beauty, Shakes the senses, Enlightenment, Stir feelings, Move and Shake – stimulate, Settle and provoke.  


The Author spent a recent Sixty Seven Years in Worldly Experience, thirty Years in study and Research, the past Seven Years in Isolation to bring forth the complete support Documents to supplement the Answers to the Questions asked in Ask.   The ‘Religion & State’ Text Books, the ‘Bhagavad Gita – Vedanta 2000’, a Gita for the day, and some 65 supporting Literary Works, to include Books, Poetry, Affirmations, and Spiritual Revelations to Guide a Race off the Rails, Back on Track!


“Ask – The Tree of Knowledge – Were You There?” is the Genesis story rewritten, fact not fiction, the creation, rise and fall of man.  Veda simply said. Complex material, clean cut and User Friendly.


Sri Sunkara Sankaracharya, has returned as predicted, to set the Record Straight. "Do not follow me, Investigate the Truths herein and follow the path You have chosen.  Universal Godly Truth belongs to all mankind.”


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WORD                    DEFINITION


Androgynous            Male & Female, Bi-sexual, Tri-sexual, Hermaphrodite in Nature.

Anthropomorphic   Mankind creates gods in the image of himself, and worships self.

Apport         A physical object materialized in a Spiritual Electromagnetic force field in the vicinity of a Mediumistic person. The item or items are dematerialized through Spiritual forces at one location and then rematerialized, usually in the Vibration of a Spiritual Seance.

Aryan             Generally the Indian & European Races descendants of post Atlantis.

Astral             Realm betwixt Physical & Spiritual Planes.

Astral Body   Ethereal counterpart of Physical.  Links Spirit to Physical.

Atrophied    To wither away.

Chakra                From Sanskrit, seven of. Spiritual centre-points approximate to physical Organ,

Etheric, energy pattern, and Spiritual force connecting points via Astral Body.  Crown chakra, third eye chakra, throat chakra, heart chakra, spleen and adrenal chakras and the kundalini at the spine base.

Devolution Downward Spiritual Physical Spiral of Man.

Earthbound               Spirit or Person (the same), tied to the Earth Plane, unable to move on to Spirit Planes.

Ghoul              Negative Spirit supposedly preys on corpse (Oxford Dictionary).

God                             Spiritual Hierarchy of Ascended Beings, Great Spirit                     in all Things, Unknowable, beyond Mortal Words – Nothing can be said!.

Hermaphrodite Combination of both genders, ability to change sex, female to male.

Iniquity Wicked injustice.

Lingam Male Genitals.

Metamorphose To change form, state and appearance.

Monadic               Monad, Over Soul of existence.  Source of Individual Soul spores, seeded in Ethereal Soul Beds, awaiting Spiritual gestation of Individual Spirit.

Perennial              As in Perennial Philosophy.  Spiritual Reality dictates Principles dictates Rules,  eternal Truths, unchanging, everlasting.

Quickening Approximately 5 months into Pregnancy.  Independent fetal movement.

Sacerdotal               Priests/Clerics/Rabbis, Religions Ministers claim Divine Authority to intercede on behalf of the Faithful, with the Godhead.  To ascribe supernatural powers in sacrificial functions by

Doctrine by claims to represent a God.  Claim of the excessive Authority of Priesthood over the populace.  (Concise Oxford Dictionary).

Sankaracharya Spiritual Teacher of Esoteric Science, the reappearance of the Buddha.  In each age came to repair earlier Spiritual Truths buried by Sacerdotal class and to smooth out the sectarian strife.  

Sophistry                         Deceive by False Rhetoric, Arguments to mislead, go round and round.

Spirit                Ocean of Existence. The Immortal Nature.          Ethereal Presence.

Spirit Body                Immortal Self, invisibly Connected via the Astral/Vibrational Bodies at the Chakras to the physical body.

Spiritual Being You.

Spiritual Ground Spiritual Source of Existence based in Spiritual Reality Cosmic Universal Principle.  

Sri Spiritual Teacher and Sanyasian Initiate.

Theocracy               Jewish commonwealth, Moses to Monarchy, Government direct by Anthropomorphic God via Sacerdotal (Priestly) class. (Concise Oxford Dictionary).    

Vestigial Dormant.  Hidden, concealed, unused, once active.

Yod Symbol for Lingham.

Yoni               Sanskrit for Female Womb.

Zygote Fusion of two protoplasams into a single spore.


Please refer to the comprehensive Spiritual Glossary in the Spiritual Lesson #97.  Submit your Question to “ASK 2 – Answers”, via the Email address Mail to P.O. Box 168, St Helens, Tasmania 7216 Australia.



Soul Mate


"The Truth is delivered in ASK, the Soul/Spirit knows it as the truth.


No one could argue who was sincere, only a delusional, negative consciousness would resist.  Ask, "Ask" it is very Powerful, very strong, very true."




"Dad, Congratulations!  Margaret and I are both blown away and very moved by your
remarkable ASK. Margaret said it made her get shivers and we both agree it
is a timeless piece for all the ages now and in the future."  


Mark's Mate "It gets into your blood.  I would like to hear it read "   


                           On Sunkara's Sixtieth birthday:

Matthew said,


"Dad, you are the greatest.


Thank you for your strength, wisdom and providing me with the tools of a harmonious Life filled with excitement.  


Thank you for my understanding and my love of life."


Mark said,


"Through all the years you have shown us courage, strength, compassion, and most of all love.  Of all people I have known you soar above all others with your giving heart, even when the many doors have closed on your altruism you never once have quit!  Dad, you are a WINNER and a man honourable and true and what's more I am proud to say I love you."


Editor  (Following 12th Proof of "Vedanta 2000")


Chapter comments in order.  Up to page 100 Vedanta’s Gita is brilliant, Chapter # 8 is brilliant, # 9 is fantastic and absolutely brilliant, # 10 it is great, just beautiful.  I love reading it, I cannot put it down. Chapter # 11, you were definitely inspired when you wrote this. Chapter #'s 12 & 13 are excellent, #'s 14 & 15 magnificent, # 16 Masterful and brilliant.  Chapter # 17 is tremendous, # 18 beautiful.

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ISBN #                      BOOKS


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0958 1848 1 X ANSWERS


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                   "VEDANTA 2000"


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0 9585476 2 9 SPIRITUAL TEACHINGS (Vedas)


0 9585476 0 2 WHICH JESUS?



Available Spiritual Revelations/Vedas


Simply email to:                      LINK


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AIDS                     LESSON 84

ALTERNATIVE TO JAIL                               LESSON 21

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COLOUR & RACE                             LESSON 110



DRUGS & GOVERNMENT                                         LESSON 22

EVOLUTION & BIRTH CONTROL                   LESSON 109

FOREST V HEMP                                                LESSON 108

GLOSSARY  Spiritual Glossary of Terms            LESSON 97

GOD                    LESSON 55

INTRODUCTION & Recommended Readings          LESSON 93

INVOLUTION & WAR                    LESSON 111


LOSS OF A LOVED ONE                    LESSON 46

MARIJUANA                                        LESSON 10A

MEDITATION                    LESSON 8

PARABLE REVEALED – The Rich Man          LESSON 96

POETRY, PROSE & PROPHECY                         LESSON 70

PROPHECY 2000   (1991)                                        LESSON 54

RELIGION & MAN-PART ONE                        LESSON 102A

RELIGION & MAN- PART TWO                LESSON 102B


REVELATION REVEALED                               LESSON 68

SEX EDUCATION                                                 LESSON 112



SEVEN BODIES                      LESSON 7

SEVEN DENIALS                      LESSON 98

SEVEN SEXES  Origin of the Human Species                    LESSON 52

SPIRIT                                                                          LESSON 85


SPIRITUALISM – Your Salvation                                      LESSON 100

SPIRIT WORLD                      LESSON56

STAR MAN                      LESSON09

SOUL                      LESSON 83

SUICIDE? – Hear This. 7000 Australians            LESSON 91

SUNKARA'S EASTER MESSAGE 1999                                 LESSON 47

VIRGIN BIRTHS                                 LESSON 20

WAR, BILL & HILLARY                                                          LESSON 24

WAR & GUNS                         LESSON 99

WHERE DID WE COME FROM – Chicken or the Egg LESSON 89

WHICH JESUS?                        LESSON 18

WHICH JESUS?  Condensed Version.                      LESSON 6


WILL I COME BACK – Reincarnation?                      LESSON 95

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