In Dec 1978 or close date at a Séance or Spiritual meeting in Seattle Washington USA, the entranced medium sat on a regular chair, ankles handcuffed to the chair legs and wearing a blind fold and duct tape over his mouth.

Prior to and after the lights were slowly turned off duct tape was placed over his mouth, two University degree members initialled and marked a line with a black pen across the tape and on to the face, if the tape were to be removed when the lighting was reduced to “black out” the lines on the face and tape would not have matched.

We tied a blind fold around the mediums face eyes and head, thick gauze allowing no possibility of vision or speech.  

As a note the Sioux Yuwipi Indian Contact Ceremony in the tepee was similar in that the Spiritual elder or medicine man would be wrapped in blankets and tied up like a mummy and in the darkness the spirits would be seen, and their voices heard.

Other than a collapsed cylinder or Trumpet there was nothing else behind the veil, the Holy of Holies, known as the “Mediums Cabinet” a six foot high cloth open at the top supported by a frame about a meter square, the cloth could only be opened from the front facing the congregation, the left side in full view had no opening, the rear was the wall of the building the right side the same, an old building with brick walls.  

As appointed “Spiritual Leader at large” I investigated the interior of the cabinet in the right corner of the room about a meter from the first row of chairs.  I crawled under the floor from the basement, and over the ceiling from the loft, inspected the back wall and side wall from both sides of the building in and outside to satisfy my methodical scientific research and natural sceptical faculties to insure no access could be available to enter the cabinet other than from the front in full view.

The lights were turned off, we sat and raised the vibration with Spiritual Ohms and chants and song, after about an hour the Trumpet could be heard to rattle as it extended, it rose unaided by human means, raised up and out of the cabinet in the darkness floated around the room and stopped in front of me and a voice box created from the mediums ectoplasm allowed the communicators from the other side of this Spirit world to speak to us.

As the lights were slowly raised white stones and other items poured forth from the trumpet and from under the cloth, witnessed by the sitters some forty in all, including Police Officers.

A central isle with chairs on either side divided the Sitters; the two doors into the Séance room were locked.

At another time Apports materialized in the blood of the medium flowing from the finger tips to drop to the floor; oils, and odours and other phenomena such as White Stones thru clenched teeth, recorded on Beta, closely observed by (Dr. A. Kenney MD and Sgt. Stephen Young of the Honolulu Police force).

We all have Ectoplasm in our spinal column and blood and those rare individuals with the appropriate metabolisms would experience in their entranced state, ectoplasm flow from the naval, the female genital, the ears, mouth, nose and Body Chakras.  Described in Scripture as White Cloud from which an Angel would appear in the darkness of the cave.

Beings in the next dimension of Spirit may cloak the ectoplasm like cheese cloth around them self to materialize into the dense plain of the Physical.

One important fact is that white light has an actinic effect upon ectoplasm like the effect of light upon an unprocessed negative of film – if in the darkness a sceptic were to turn on the white light the medium could be killed as the silken cord (life force or Prana) would be cut.

One incredible aspect of the phenomena was that it happened not under the ultra-reddish violet light but under the then soft white light as we slowly when instructed by the voice from the Trumpet, raised the light.

I now share one of many, many experiences witnessed over two decades.

The ectoplasm and Asportation phenomena overwhelming and the emotions you could imagine ran high.  Apport or Apporter is an English word to describe the materialization of a physical object from one location to another via the vibration of a Medium – a common thread to all main stream Religions Scripture.

By further note later I challenged the Magicians Club of Hollywood California to equal or prove better and in fact deposited $10,000 USD into an Escrow account in 1979 to be released to them should they be able to duplicate such phenomena.  

In the USA President A. Lincoln held séances in the white house and a hand of flesh would appear from the Medium who lay upon the table.  In this case a young lady, clothed in ectoplasm from her lower area the partially materialized arm and hand would write answers to questions he asked – historical fact.

Now to this specific séance –

An elderly lady I knew, (we shall name her Grace) was seated about 10 rows back and on the left isle side that was the corridor between the chairs.  I sat in the front row an arm’s length from the cabinet to protect the medium and had a clear view in the soft light of all events – prior to the séance commencing I collected all watches, and cameras from the congregation so no light could affect the séance in the period of black out.  

An 82 yrs. old lady named Julie and her twin sister Gretchen were playing the organ and the sax, the vibration in the room was overwhelming.

The lady Grace I knew previously had lost her best friend some three months earlier; her little dog of some 16 yrs. had passed into Spirit – what mankind on earth calls death.

In the white light we witnessed as follows:  

The dog about the size of a fox terrier appeared from the opening to the cabinet, barked and ran up the isle jumped into her arms and licked her face, all were in tears, a voice spoke to us from within the cabinet.

After about two minutes the dog jumped out of her grasp ran down the aisle and back into the cabinet.

I was then called forth to slightly part the opening of the cabinet and a hand appeared above the mediums head, deep voice, hand extended asked – “What is your name?”- I instantly responded Sri Sunkara Sankacharya and was handed a large White Stone.  I had never read or heard that name before.

Once more a proof of the fact of survival beyond death and the power of Spirit over Matta.

Death is but a doorway.

Life is.

Life is a continuum.

There is no death

There are no dead

Time mankind got the fact in the head.

Man’s created religions’ gods and messiahs have covered up the reality of Human Beings dual Spiritual/Physical nature by deceit – no religion on earth has a mandate from a god.

Anthropomorphism is the English word to describe the fact that in our recent history the truth of individual survival for a time beyond death of the body hidden behind the Spiritual power of the self-appointed sacerdotal class of priesthoods.  

Man creates Gods in his own image, gives the God of choice human characteristics and in the end worships self.

All so called in-human acts are of course very human and are in our lower animal Nature.

Money, sex and power are the drivers of the human engine and Spiritual power over the faithful is the most negative of all the power plays within the human mortal nature.

I SunKara say unto you …

“When I am gone

To my Family be strong

Do not mourn

For in Truth we are reborn.”

For yourself you may grieve at the loss of a loved one

Send not emotion to the departed

Visualize the white fire and the violet flame to surround your heart

The departed feel drawn back to the physical planes and feel the Emotion.

Generically speaking it takes about three days and nights for the Spirit to separate from the Astral connections to the physical except in cases where the body is torn asunder.

Release let go and send love not sorrow.

All who read these words will experience the truth of survival beyond the grave.

As a poet I would say unto you.

“After the last breath and beat of heart

From you to another land I will depart

I will be there, so don’t despair

Wait until third day

Allow the body intact to stay

Bury me bones beneath the mound

Place no monument or flower upon the ground

For I will be sound and found

Rooted in knowledge of Spiritual Ground

Plant a seed for a tree to grow

For I may return for you to know

Or cremate

If that be fate

All go where the “Law of Karma” does dictate

Decided by the life of late.

In dedication to my Soul Mate

And loving sons, don’t hesitate.”

By Sacred Oath

Rev. Dr. Bruce Kimberley Lowndes



My Friend and the Masters Friend from Spain asked if I Sunkara had ever a contact with a Deceased Family Member when KMR was still with us:  Interesting - and hence the following.

On Mother’s side of the Family the First Adams was a convict from southern England, fought in the Battle of Waterloo, arrived in Australia 1825, had a son William in 1838, Bruce Charteris Adams later of Currabubula, New South Wales, Australia born Jan 9, 1875, Richlands, Taralga, NSW, was my maternal Grandfather a second-Generation Colonial from England had several children, a Farmer and ran a large Sheep Station named “Woodlands” - married Emma Wright born 1876.

I recall Gran having a pet Kangaroo which followed her around the Garden, one year a Team of Draft Horses ran over the sheep dog, she had a litter, they were placed in the Kangaroo’s pouch as the Joey had been shot, she fed the Puppies.  Their sons and daughter Anne went off to War, my Mother Allison stayed and ran the property with the Grandparents.

My Father Arthur George Lowndes CBE DSO etc of Balmain Sydney did not return from China until I was about five.  He was the first of European descent as the UNRA representative to enter Communist China after the 2nd World War ended, having served in hand to hand combat against the Japanese invading armies in New Guinea and later as an allied Tank Commander in the Deserts of the Middle East, he liberated the Australian POWs from Singapore then to China.

Grandfather raised me on the Farm, aged five he would give me a .22 calibre rifle, one round, my job was to bring home a Rabbit for supper, no Rabbit no supper.  

Dad’s first words to me were “Get out of my wife’s bed and call me Sir”

Grandfather was about, six feet 4 ins tall a Giant of a man, left me his wedding ring, it slipped off my thumb was tight on his finger.

I recall him squatting to go to the toilet in the Bush when he jumped up shouting, because he had not noticed the Bull Ants nest underneath, he wore long woollen Underpants, he danced and Danced.

In retirement, he put an axe blade thru his left shin, today at 75 I recall the smell of the ointment and wrappings - it never healed.  He stayed at our home until Mother kicked him out for teaching me ribald ditties

As the Grandmaster of the NSW Masonic Lodge behind locked doors he was an undeclared Spiritualist.

In the early 1970’s I gained a Doctorate in Metaphysics, was teaching Doctors form the VA Hospital in Los Angeles how to meditate and to see shapes, symbols, patterns and colours.

A Lady attending by the name of Phyllis Disney encouraged me to attend a Séance with a visiting Medium in Hollywood – the meeting was at the Continental Hyatt Hotel in LA California on the Mezzanine floor there were some 400 people in attendance.  

A blind folded Rev. Keith Milton Rhinehart was demonstrating Billet Psychometry to the spellbound crowd.  As a born sceptic, I sat at the back, we were each handed a Small card, I wrote “Give me Evidence”, did not sign it, dropped it into a transparent plastic container being passed along the Isles.

Then taken to the Medium sitting at a raised Podium upon a chair with Table in front.

He would place his hand in the container, a Doctor Robert John Kensington from the Spirit World had entranced KMR would call out the names and a message would be given.

Near my seat there were several tough hardened Vietnam recently returned soldiers, he called out their names one by one then gave each a message from their shattered blown up fallen comrades, they would break down in tears - the emotions and evidence was overwhelming.

The Communicator explained the Doctors and Guides in the Spirit world had a throng of Souls wishing to communicate held back until called forth.

Next a Bruce was called and asked to stand up, a Bruce stood and was told to sit, the Communicator again called for Bruce to stand, he became agitated and said, “If you come to a meeting like this you should at least know your first name” -  we have Bruce calling for Bruce would you please stand. Finally, I stood, and Grandfather gave evidence that reduced me to tears.

My given name was Kim after Kipling’s Kim, then changed to Kimberley after the Australian Mountain Range.  I was due to be Christened as Kimberley Bruce then they changed it at the last moment and I was named Bruce after Grandfather, Bruce Kimberley.  I still do not answer to Bruce.

Have a First Cousin by that name.  I am Kim. Later that night a smaller Séance was held, and I sat now in the front row.

Count St Germain had entranced the Medium, was playing the Piano on the raised Podium, a yellow tree sap like substance began to ooze from his forehead, it dropped to the Piano lid, shimmied, solidified and became a beautiful multi-faceted Gem Stone.

I was told by the Count who asked me “What are the Likes of you doing here with the Likes of Us?”

He handed me the Stone said it was an Atlantean Mind Stone and contained the Libraries of Alexandria and Atlantis programmed with in.  

Later Master Jesus entranced KMR before our startled crying eyes and KMR in trance held out his hand palm up, wounds opened in the centre of the palms and blood commenced to flow dropping red multi-facetted Gem stones on to the carpet as it continued to flow down his lengthened fingers, a wound also appeared upon the Mediums forehead at the third eye centre and blood flowed.

Many years later at a Seance in Seattle, Washington at The Aquarian Foundation Church Chapel   I was called to the front of the Cabinet, KMR sat bound to a chair behind a Curtain or Cabinet of cloth with in, his mouth had been taped shut, a hand appeared about a foot above his head and a deep voice asked my name - I immediately responded Sunkara, I had never heard or read that word before.

The hand then placed a large White Crystal Stone in mine and disappeared into the Cabinet.

This is my story.

Rev. Dr. Bruce Kimberley Lowndes aka Sunkara   August 1st, 2017

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